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Thread: Separate Spa Pump?

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    Separate Spa Pump?

    I am new to this forum and about to finalize a contract to have my first pool (In Ground) put in. I have narrowed my decision down between two builders of which they are both seem to be on the same page on almost everthing but the issue of a seperate spa pump. PB#1 says I will get more spa therapy action out of the spa and jets with a separate pump (2HP Jandy Stealth Pump for 6 Back Spa Jets) and is definitely worth it and recommended if I can fit it into the budget and PB#2 says that I don't need an additional pump as the spa will be fine working the Pool and Spa off of one pump with the (Sta Rite Intellipro VS for 4 Back Jets and a Back Jet Pack). I will also have a Rock Water Fall/Feature and I want my waterfall to run when I am in spa mode. I will put the pumps that each builder is specking below. I am very confused at this moment on this issue and any help or advise you can give on this issue before i sign a contract would be greatly appreciated.

    Texas Region
    25'6" x 33' Free form Pool 3.5' to 7' deep with 18" Raised 5'6" x 8'6" Spa
    24K Gallons
    Pool and Spa Ozone, UV and Chlorinator Sanitation Systems
    Large Rock Waterfall Water feature
    Gunite with Peable Finish
    Cartridge Filter
    Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner
    400K BTU Heater
    2LED Color Lights in Pool 1LED Color Light in Spa
    Flagstone Coping w/ Ceramic/Porcelain Water Tile
    Spa Air Blower
    Handheld Wireless Controller

    PB#1 Pump Specifications
    Pool Filter Pump / Spa Pump (Pool & 2 Volcano Jets on Floor) - 2HP Jandy E Pump VS
    Waterfall Pump - 1.5Hp Jandy Flo Pro Pump
    Spa Pump (6 Waterway Jets) - 2HP Jandy Stealth Pump
    Polaris Cleaner - 3/4HP Polaris Pump

    PB#2 Pump Specifications
    Pool Filter Pump / Spa Pump (2 Floor jets and 4 Twirly Birds and 1 Spa Pack) - Sta Rite Intellipro VS
    Waterfall Pump - Sta Rite 2HP Max E Pro
    Polaris Cleaner - Polaris 280 w/ Booster Pump

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    Re: Separate Spa Pump?

    It can work well either way, though there are various small tradeoffs. Using a single pump for both the pool and spa costs a little less to install and increases reliability (fewer things to fail). However, a single pump requires using a larger filter and losing a little bit of the flow rate to the spa jets. Still, the negatives are small, pumps are generally reliable and lower power to the jets can easily be compensated for by using a slightly larger pump.

    Indeed, PB#2 used a slightly larger pump for the shared configuration. So the main tradeoff is that PB#2 will need to use a larger filter than PB#1 needs to use. Of course we recommend using the largest filter you can afford anyway, so hopefully that isn't a significant issue.

    One other difference in the specific bids you presented: PB#2 is using a variable speed pump for the spa jets, so you can dial in the exact flow rate you find perfect for you. PB#1 is using a fixed speed pump for the jets, so they will come out whatever strength they come out. Chances are excellent that will be something very reasonable, but it can't be tuned to meet your exact personal preference the way PB#2's setup can.
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    Re: Separate Spa Pump?

    Also, there is less of an issue with a single pump when you have a large cartridge filter as they add much less head loss than some of the other filters. You can also lessen some of the pad head loss with a heater (partial) bypass to help performance.

    But I would avoid a booster pump for the cleaner. This no need for it with today's cleaners and they are not very energy efficient. ThePoolCleaner has a pretty good pressure side cleaner that does not require a booster.
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