Hi All

I've changed out my Pool Pilot Digital system for a Hayward SwimPure, and am selling this dead Pool Pilot Digital system for parts. Here is the description:

This system is 10 years old, and does not function. I removed it to install a different brand of chlorinator, because the control unit quit working. The display on the control unit does not work, so I was unable to diagnose the problem. There are 3 cells, 2 are Pool Pilot SC-48, 1 is a CompuPool GRC/AP48. One of the Pool Pilot cells was working when the controller quit, so there may be some time left on it. The plastic cover for the control buttons is crackly and peeling. One of the manifolds is new, and has never been installed. The manifold that was installed is cut long enough to re-install. There are two stainless steel debris screens included. At least one of the flowmeter/salt concentration sensors works, as it was working when I removed it.

If you want only parts of this system, I would be happy to send you what you want out of it. I'll throw away whatever remains. If nobody wants this, it's going into the trash.

Here is the link to the auction. $19.95 to start, no reserve, you pay shipping.



San Diego