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Thread: Latest Readings

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    Cool Latest Readings

    Hi Folks;

    I have been slowly adding borates to my SWG and will continue this weekend. Right now at 10 ppm.

    My latest readings have been pretty consistent. pH is very stable.

    Although today I noticed my CC level (0.5 ppm) I did a search here and figured this is not a biggy right now.
    Can I continue my Borate adventure?

    Pool is sparkling clear and that nasty black stain on my pool stairs has been slowly disappearing (actually rubs off quite easily).

    I run my pump 24/7 (until I can get an electrician to wire my P4 properly). SWG percentage is 10%. I can bump it to 15% but there is no level to set in between and when I do set at 15% my FC jumps higher than the CYA/Chlorine recommend. So I'm in that wierd zone I guess.

    FC is 5.5 > Pool math recommends 1L of bleach. So have added that and should be good.

    Pool temp is a crisp 74F (which is were I like it). Haven't turned the heater on all summer.

    FC 5.5
    CC 0.5
    pH 7.8
    TA 70
    CH 260
    CYA 80
    Salt 3600
    Borate 10

    Thank you all and I am on to my Borate adventure!
    Last edited by Hoochie; 08-09-2014 at 10:02 AM. Reason: Did a search and learned about CC value of 0.5 is good as 0 - doh!
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    Re: Latest Readings

    I don't see any issues with continuing to add borates. Check out the borate guide in pool school - good reading.
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    Re: Latest Readings

    No reason to go so slow with borates. Overshooting a little is no big deal. Are you using boric acid or borax and MA?

    FC is ok for your CYA. Min is 4 and don't forget you are safe to swim all the way up to 30.

    Running 24/7 is overkill and wasting electricity. I know you said your timer isn't wired but I assume you could turn it off manually. I would try 12 hour run time at 30%.
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