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Thread: Yellowish algae now cloudy light green water

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    Yellowish algae now cloudy light green water

    So we were away for a week and chlorine levels were kept up until the last 3 days of our trip when our pool guy failed to show up. When we got home we could see the bottom no problem but there was a yellowish kind of algae along the walls of the pool. We shocked last night with 4 cups of shock. Now this evening the pool is a light green and cloudy. I can see the bottom in the shallow end.

    I added one more cup of shock but the levels seem highish for the chlorine.

    Reading here I've seen it recommended to turn off skimmer and only use main drain?

    I've also seen to backwash the filter, but I've also been told that's the worst I could do as then it won't catch small particles? (It's likely due for a backwash)

    I have no more shock (dumb yes) so all I've got is 3" in the swim pucks and liquid chlorine bleach haha!
    My test results are:
    FC 10
    TC 5
    Alk 80
    Ph 7.2
    Th 250

    See pics below. First test shot is from 5pm testing, with the shot of the pool. Since then I added another cup of shock, clarifier from in the swim & the second two test pics are from 10pm.

    What can I do? We were hoping to use it tomorrow as we have a lot of company coming by but it's not looking to good. I also have the flock out from in the swim not sure if that's worth trying?
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    Re: Yellowish algae now cloudy light green water

    Welcome to the forum. You're going to need to know the CYA level of the water. I bet your FC level is too low for your CYA level and you got a nasty algae bloom. If you get a recommended test kit (see the links in my signature) you'll be able to test for CYA and also the higher levels of chlorine you are going to need to SLAM the pool. Please read through some pool school (link below) so you know what SLAM is….

    If you've only been using tri-chlor pucks, your CYA is probably through the roof….

    You don't need flock

    You should backwash when your pressure is 20% more than it is when the filter has just been backwashed. Yes, as it gets dirtier, it catches more smaller particles.
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    Yellowish algae now cloudy light green water

    Welcome to TFP.
    Your going to need to follow the SLAM Process. To SLAM the pool your going to need one these Test Kits. The test strips are not accurate enough for this process or for maintaing your water chemistry. Throw them away and order the TF100 kit. Get the XL option also. It has extra reagents for the SLAM process.
    Stop using the shock and clarifier. It's not going to clear your pool and the shock is going to drive your CYA level up more.
    Order the kit and post up the results and we can guide you to get started clearing this up.
    I also highly suggest you spend sometime reading the ABC'S Of Pool Water Chemistry.
    Also take a look at this. How To Chlorinate Your Pool.
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