Hi all,
I just wanted to throw up a review of my Polaris Turbo Turtle pool vacume. I purchased this pool vacume when I purchased my pool, so I really purchased this item "blind" as I am a first time pool owner.


This season has definately been a learning curve, and I am doing very well. I am getting the hang of keeping the chemical levels in check, and my water has been very clear, and clean. My dumbest mistake was leaving my filter valve on "waste" all night long while draining off some rain water that accumulated over 2 days of heavy rain. "OOPS"
Back to the Turtle. I have used it about 4 times now, and bottom line it works good. HOWEVER there is some things you need to understand about these "automatic" type vacumes.... they are not "automatic". What I mean by this is the vacumes use jet propulsion AND tension created by the pressure hose to dictate the vacumes travel path. I have a 18X33 oval, and my Polaris vacume will tend to stay at the far end of my pool during the cleaning cycles. What you need to do is first let it clean the far end of your pool. Then you need to "shorten" the pressure line by looping a length of hose and draping the hose on the side of the top rail. Then (in the case of my 33' long oval), I need to shorten the pressure line a 3rd time. With this method my Turtle does a great job at getting 80% of the debris off the bottom of my pool. These "automatic" cleaners don't replace a traditional "suction" powered vacume which does a better job at cleaning (especially sucking up the finer debris along liner seams and wrinkles). So draw your own conclusion, they do work good, but like I said, they do leave some finer debris behind, and they are convienent.