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Thread: New Pool, here is my log. Please provide feedback

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    New Pool, here is my log. Please provide feedback

    Thank you for the site. I have been reading heavily and trying to learn for the last month.

    I have started a new pool and would like some guidance. This is a 10kG inground vinyl liner with 1hp circulation and 120sqft cartridge filter. Temps these days vary between 65F and 90F. Sunset is 6AM, sunset is 8PM. I do work on the pool either 8AM before work or close to sunset.

    I am using this test kit since the K2006 is still in the mail.

    Day 1
    Fill pool out of the hose.

    Days 2-4
    Setup equipment, circulation off.

    Day 5
    8pm: Pump turned on and kept on with no timer, dumped 1 gallon of 10% liquid chlorine.
    10pm: Measured FC and PH and got 4.5ppm FC / 8.0PH

    Day 6 mostly cloudy day
    8am: FC and PH. 4.5ppm / 8.0, seems like no change from overnight.
    7pm: Added 4lbs of powder CYA. Tried to do the dissolve in a bucket of water and add the dissolved solution to the skimmer method but was this process was very time inefficient. So I dumped the granules in panty hose and let it hang on the side of the skimmer box then called it a day. Did not retest FC/PH but could smell chlorine in the water.

    Day 7 (yesterday)
    8pm: To my surprise almost all the CYA had dissolved! I was expecting it to take a week based on what I've read here. I still do not have the K2006 kit so can't measure CYA but I expect it to be around 40-50 based on the dosage guideline. Tested FC/PH and could not detect any color for the FC so assume 0ppm. PH was 7.8. I added 3/4 a gallon of 10% chlorine.
    10pm: Tested, got 4.5 or 5ppm FC
    12am: The pump has been running non stop since Day 5 and I turned it off for the night.

    Day 8 (today)
    9am: Tested, 4.5ppm FC and 7.8ph

    So moving forward I plan to maintain the FC at around 5ppm. I also plan to clean the cartridge filter and baskets once a week. At 7.8PH I'm thinking that I'm not going to mess with it and just keep it there, monitoring every once in a while. When the K2006 comes in I'll verify CYA and TA. I'm hoping to figure out a chlorine dosing schedule. How often should I expect to add chlorine. Daily? every two days?

    Please provide feedback. I am interested to know if I am on the right track or missing something.


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    Re: New Pool, here is my log. Please provide feedback

    Looks like you're doing good. I really must applaud the fact that you've been reading and learning. Way to be prepared!

    I lose 2.5-3ppm FC daily. The big thing I've noticed is that you should base your "target" FC on the daily expected want to make sure you do not drop below the "minimum" spec in the FC/CYA chart. At this point assume your CYA is 50 (just for safety sake). I assume I'm going to lose 3ppm daily. so I aim for FC=6 with my CYA=40. This leaves me with FC 3-3.5 at the end of each day.

    Dose the Chlorine daily for best results.
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    Re: New Pool, here is my log. Please provide feedback

    CYA will dissolve fairly quickly but take as much as a week to register on a test. Normally, you would want to add cya in stages so as to not overdose it. Too late now, hope everything turns out ok. Test and dose FC daily.
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    Re: New Pool, here is my log. Please provide feedback

    yes hopefully the CYA is not high. I really expected it to dissolve a lot slower allowing me to remove the material before its all gone. I am assuming its completely OK to use the pool now?

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    Re: New Pool, here is my log. Please provide feedback

    Go Swimming!! You've done your homework, now ENJOY!
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