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Thread: Pentair Quad D.E. 60 and D.E. coming back into pool

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    Pentair Quad D.E. 60 and D.E. coming back into pool

    Well I had to get this filter last year due to my old sand going bad. I called around and looked around and this filter was suggested to be the best for my application, 24k IG Vinyl pool with a 3/4hp hayward pump. pluming off the pool is only 1 1/2 since it is and older pool and the new filter has 2". I took the filter apart this spring to clean only to find it just about filled with DE. I guess when I was back washing I wasn't back washing as much out as I thought I was. Basically the filter was just about half way filled up with DE. I had to dig it out before I could get my grids out. I took it all apart cleaned it all up and put it all back together the way it came apart. Started the pump up and filled it with 6lbs of DE per the filters requirements through the strainer. I didn't notice the DE coming back into the pool until I had to backwash and refill with DE the next time around, about a month later. Then when I add DE I can see the DE coming back into the pool in the return jets. From what I can gather my grids are bad, how they can be bad I don't know from what they looked like when I cleaned them, I don't see how they can go bad other than something physically cutting them or something to open them up enough to let the DE go through. Any thoughts?
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    Re: Pentair Quad D.E. 60 and D.E. coming back into pool

    First, that is one ICKY filter. Have you reinspected the grids yet and are they ripped/cut? You say that it comes out the returns when you add it. Does it stop when you stop adding D.E. or does it continue for a while? If it stops shortly after you stop adding D.E. you might have a problem with the multi-port valve. The only other thing I can think of is to check that the cartridges are all fully seated on the manifold parts.

    Then again, I've never used a D.E. filter and I'm sure many more knowledgeable people will be along to give more accurate advice.

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    Re: Pentair Quad D.E. 60 and D.E. coming back into pool

    Ah... overcharged DE filters

    Please read this for some basics on 'playing with' a DE filter.

    What I suspect is the pressure from trying to move water through all that DE ripped the carts (look at the tops and bottoms of the pleats where they meet the plastic

    I'm not very familiar with the cart DE filters, but I think you would be best off opening the unit and manually cleaning the carts, rather than backwashing them - this way you will know that you've gotten all the De off of them and can safely add the full amount of DE without any risk of over or undercharging the unit (Waterbear recommends this for all DE filters, and it IS the best way, but especially with the cart DE filters!!)

    Sorry this happened! Hope it all works out well for you after you get new carts to replace the broken ones
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