Just installed Wifi kit into Sundance Cameo 880 Spa. Anyone else done so and want to share their experience?

I was a beta-tester for the installation and initial app development. You can see some of the features on the Sundance website:

Just a brief overview of the installation:
1) You get a box which contains within it, two additional boxes (Item number on the box is 6472-007)
2) One box is the module that installs into the tub, black in color, about 8x8in in size.
3) To install, remove the center panel where the service panel is located, then the panel immediately to the left of that panel
4) Mount the box on the plywood back in the center panel
5) Two wires run into the service panel and connect to ports already in the panel
6) One wire runs to a control module in the left panel, plug and play
7) In the second box is a small router/wifi box, white in color.
8) Connect this router to your home router and plug it in
9) The router and box are configured with a UID number, which you then enter into the App
10) You need your SPA serial number when you register

Once you are in the App you are able to control temperature, jets, lights, water refill and filter warnings, as well as set custom settings.

Just thought I would share the experience, in case others were interested or had questions on operation, experience, etc.