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Thread: Solar Heater Panel - Chewed up by Critters

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    Solar Heater Panel - Chewed up by Critters

    So, I finally got my solar panels assembled with hard plumbing, no leaks.

    Been running it the last several days just fine.

    Started it up this morning, just fine.

    It's this kind of solar heater.

    Went out a couple hours later and some kind of critter managed to poke/chew holes in several of the channels on the bottom.

    That is seriously very frustrating.

    One of the reasons I had to hard plumb the pool was something was chewing holes in the flex pipes.

    We've got all kinds of critters here I guess. Chukar, Quail, Hawks, Squirrels, Rats, Mice, Rattlesnakes, Coyotes, Jack Rabbits, CottonTails.

    Hard to figure out who did it, but they look more like punctures/pecks than rodent chewing.

    Has anyone else ever had this happen? Any suggestions for fixing besides the 'plug it with a machine screw' method?


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    Re: Solar Heater Panel - Chewed up by Critters

    My first recommendation is to get a bunch of live traps to help remove these "critters" from your yard.

    I live in ND so you can about imagine the kind of things we have out here. Skunks are a common thing here.

    I am sure the professionals will chime in soon with suggestions on how to fix those leaks so pay close attention as they really know what they are doing.

    Good luck!
    Chad R.

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    Re: Solar Heater Panel - Chewed up by Critters

    Glad the hard plumbing is working out for you! As for the solar panels, I would suggest getting them up off the ground a couple of feet so whatever is biting them can't get at 'em. Maybe even plan a night where you can stay up and watch to see what comes by and does damage.

    Now, about fixing the holes in the panels, machine screws are one option. Another option I read about somewhere is to heat the plastic around the hole, then push it together until it seals. For bigger holes you could heat the plastic around the hole then melt another piece of plastic to fill the hole. If you search on this forum with something like "hole in solar heater" you can probably find the thread.

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