My problem is a little different in that (what I think is algae) is almost like a vague shadow in portions of my above ground pool. My CYA was off so I just bought some stabilizer and now the "algae" just falls to the bottom of the pool and I vacuum it. I noticed that for 4 days my grandkids and I swam that we never had a problem to vacuum up. Now that I haven't used the pool in a couple days...back to vacuuming.
I tested earlier with the fancy schmancy TF-100 and the salt tester, then just now at 8pm (cst) with simple strips. my numbers earlier show that my salt is only 2200 ppm and I think its to be around 3000ppm so Ill need more salt.
CYA - 30
FC - 12.5
TA - 100
Calcium - 40
all those numbers are on the kit
When I tested on the strip it was all pretty similar except the strip had Hardness - 100
1. Is algae my problem? and 2. when I get these numbers right will it go away?
3. Is there a way (even if its redneck) to circulate the water a bunch when we are not swimming in it?