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Thread: IntelliCholr and EasyTouch RS485 communication

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    IntelliCholr and EasyTouch RS485 communication

    I'm looking for someone who has an IntelliChlor IC40 hooked up to an automation controller. If you have this setup, have you ever hooked up an RS485 sniffer to record the conversation between the SWG and the controller? If so, would you mind sending me some recorded data? I would be your friend forever

    I recently bought a IC40 for my pool (15k gal.). With my pump runtime and the IC40 @ 20%, I still get too much chlorine in the pool. I guess I should have chosen the IC20 instead, but I was swayed by the argument that spending a little more on the IC40 would be worth the extended cell life. I saw the posts about the default 20% increments being too coarse in my situation, but I valued longer cell lifespan. Hindsight is always 20/20 (or 20/10 as the case may be). I could just go buy a timer and set it, but that solution seems like taking the easy way out.

    I recently built my own controller out of a wireless micro-controller. I already have it talking to my pool pump to turn it off and on. I would like to be able to control the SWG in 1% increments as well, but I need some RS485 example packets to decode the communication. Probably what I need is to a recording of the bus while you use the EasyTouch to change the percentage of salt generation. Also a recording of turning the SWG on and off would be nice. I'm also curious to see if the EasyTouch transmits the percentage command to the IntelliChlor occasionally as well. I suspect this is required if the power ever goes out and the IntelliChlor resets its default SWG percentage.

    Worst case scenario if I can't decode the protocol is to just switch the return water to the waterfall, bypassing the SWG as needed. Or I could just use a spare relay on my home grown controller to power cycle the SWG. I'm up for the challenge of decoding the communication, though.
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    Re: IntelliCholr and EasyTouch RS485 communication

    Interesting topic. I just googled for the protocol, and I found the following info that might be of interest to you.

    It doesn't have the answer that you're specifically looking for, but it might provide some insight to the command protocol that Pentair uses.
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