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Thread: Not keeping chlorine & barely going through tabs

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    Question Not keeping chlorine & barely going through tabs

    Ok, I know using tabs isn't the preferred way, but I'm gone a lot, and it's the best option for me to have the pool "maintain itself" while I'm not around.

    I actually just popped a new Pentair 320 on 2 weeks ago, as I was pretty sure the old one was shot, it was barely going through any of the tabs (3"), in a weeks time, the stack will drop a few inches at most, while on the highest setting. Friday I switched the water feed from the bottom to the top to see if it would make a difference.

    I've been told it should run through the whole stack in roughly a weeks time.

    My CYA is a little high, in the 90's, but I don't think that's high enough to put me in a demand issue. Still though, unless I add a little shock once a week, the chlorine continues to just slowly fall out. On Friday it was 2.7 & 2.8.

    I'm at a loss, not sure what else could be causing the problem. A little background info..... the previous owner did have a Nature2, mineral thing on there, but it isn't used, no cartridge in it & it's simply just an empty reservoir. I have a DE filter that was cleaned within the last 4-5wks. The only bad part with my pool is the plaster is failing. Tree fell on it and the previous owner plastered over the plaster and now it's starting to chip, plan on having it chipped off this winter and starting fresh.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Not keeping chlorine & barely going through tabs

    My suggestion would be to use a liquidator instead of a tab feeder.... Two reasons. The first is obvoius. The second is that my only experience with a tab feeder was it being an amazing aggravation. It got removed from my FIL's pool for this reason.
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    Re: Not keeping chlorine & barely going through tabs

    Using Stabilized Chlorine is fine as long as you completely understand the relationship between Cya and FC.

    You are at a very high point with it now, and 90 should be signaling you to make a change for a FC source. Since it seems OK to you, it might be a good idea to revisit the recommended levels we suggest. You can maintain a clear pool with it sure, but if you have an Algae outbreak it will be much harder to overcome at a Cya level of 90. This is where lot's of people wind up un trouble, so take another look at where you are.

    With the low FC you posted, you could have Algae or other organics in the pool consuming the FC already. Perhaps you aren't getting flow through the chlorinator, but it's about time you chose another FC source anyhow.
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    Re: Not keeping chlorine & barely going through tabs

    I do keep borates in the pool, so the algae stays at a very minimal amount most of the time. I thought about draining to drop the cya but since the pool will be redone this winter, I was hoping to just push it & save the water expense.

    Is there a recommended liquid feeder brand?

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    Re: Not keeping chlorine & barely going through tabs

    Do a search on Stenner pumps and you will find lots of info on them.
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    Re: Not keeping chlorine & barely going through tabs

    There are many liquid feader systems. Pentair has a system. The liquidator is popular and so are DIY systems using a Steiner pump. Do a search for either here and on YouTube and you will get lots of info. If you get on the trouble free system you get no algae at all and never shock your pool!!
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