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Thread: Pool just refilled after repairing leaks

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    Pool just refilled after repairing leaks


    I just had some cracks repaired in my pool. The pool was emptied out and refilled.

    Here are some of the numbers -

    FC- 0
    CC- 0
    TA - 70
    CH - 120
    PH - 8.0 - 8.2
    Salt - didn't test (assuming almost 0)
    CYA - didn't test (assuming almost 0)

    I know I need to add salt and calcium.
    Do I need to add any baking soda for TA? especially after I add muriatic acid?
    Do I need to shock or can I simply start SWG? The CC is 0 - this is fresh water.

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    Re: Pool just refilled after repairing leaks

    It should take very little acid to adjust pH, so I wouldn't worry about the effect on TA. Add the acid first, keep pH target high, like 7.6. You'll see why. While that's mixing, mess around weighing out CYA into a sock. By the time you're done fussing with that, add some bleach or some Cal-hypo shock to get your FC up to about 3. The CYA is mildly acidic, which is why you don't want to lower pH too much initially; it might get driven down too low by the dissolving CYA.

    Then it's up to you when you add Calcium and Salt. The salt will need a day or so to dissolve before you start the SWG. If there are children in the household, may I suggest holding Diamond Day? Read Post 5

    Calcium may cloud the water for a day or two, so if you plan any immediate swimming, maybe hold off a couple days. And add it by halves, so you don't accidentally overshoot.

    For more, try the Search box for Just filled
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    Re: Pool just refilled after repairing leaks

    Richard beat me---what he said!

    -------------------------------------------------------(my original post below)
    1. Add muriatic acid to get the pH down. Run the filter and brush the pool to get it all mixed.
    2. Add liquid chlorine assuming you have whatever your target CYA is. That tap water doesn't have any CYA; no need to test, but you're about to change that...
    3. Add CYA in a sock near a return.
    4. Add salt and get your SWG going.

    TA is the last thing to worry about. First priority is pH and getting some chlorine in there. I recommend using liquid chlorine because it's more of an instant hit. Use the SWG to maintain the right level. After a couple of hours, retest and decide if you need to do anything about the TA. Having it on the low side is usually beneficial in an SWG pool.
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    Re: Pool just refilled after repairing leaks

    Thank you Richard!
    11600 gallons, Hayward DE, IG, plaster, Hayward Pump, AquaRite SWG 40K Cell

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