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Thread: Help with high PH new pool?

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    Help with high PH new pool?

    Hey all we just had our first swimming pool installed and we have been trying to monitor the PH and Chlorine levels with our test kit that the pool company provided. The pool was filled June 3rd of this year for the first time and the PH has been hovering around 8.3-8.5. We have read that the plaster curing will raise pH of the pool for some time but we are wondering if we should add some acid for the time being etc?

    It is a 40K Gallon Salt Water Gunite pool. The Chlorine level is on the low side of ideal would allowing the cell to run and bring up the Chlorine help?

    Any help for a noob would be great!

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    Re: Help with high PH new pool?

    Welcome to TFP!

    You need to add some acid to get your pH down. It's going to require frequent acid doses for the first year or so with both a SWCG and new plaster.

    Set your pump run time and SWCG percentage to whatever it takes to keep the pool clean and generate enough chlorine. It may take some experimentation.

    You are missing a key piece of knowledge, and that is your CYA level. Without that, you won't know if your chlorine is high, low or just right.
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    Re: Help with high PH new pool?

    It is also important to make sure you have a good test kit. I just had my pool renovated and my plasterer recommended the Taylor K-2006 kit. Your kit should be drop-based with reagents rather than those test strips that many pool stores are starting to sell - those are not as accurate. The new plaster generates high pH, so you want to monitor the pH and keep it between 7.2-7.6. Total Alkalinity should be kept in a range of 80-120. My plaster is only 2 weeks old and I have had to add some acid just about every day. Did they tell you that it is also important to brush the new plaster daily for the first month? That helps to get off all the plaster dust and helps the new plaster cure.
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