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Thread: Help me understand.

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    Help me understand.

    Split by moderator from a completely unrelated topic. Please always start a new thread for your own questions to avoid confusion. Thanks, jblizzle.

    I'm working on getting the CYA level down but in the meantime, more questions.

    After reading a ton of articles on TFP, I think I know the answers but just for clarification:

    Using the BBB method, am I to understand that I will no longer have a need for the chlorine tablets (3" pucks) or algaecide? I've read that if you keep the FC level above xx (depending on CYA level), then algae can't grow (or thrive). Is it therefore useless to put algaecide in the pool weekly like the pool store claims you should? And what about the automatic chlorinator (the cylinder that holds the 3" pucks) I keep that or cut it out of the plumbing?

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    Re: Help me understand.

    You seem to almost "get it"

    There is no need for weekly algaecides or any magic potions. Just maintain adequate FC and your pool will stay clean and clear. You can use the 3" pucks, if your CYA is not already too high (sounds like yours was up there). Just save them and over time you will get the CYA down and then you could use a few for vacations while you are away.

    No need to remove the chlorinator, just leave it empty until you need it.
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    Re: Help me understand.

    I found that my inline chlorinator was getting stagnant and gross wih no use at all, so I cut mine out. If you understand the chemistry and use it for vacations, yes, it's fine to leave.

    On the TFPC method, it's very liberating to not have to buy algaecide or any dry form of chlorine. Other than a few doses of CYA, I haven't put anything in my pool but liquid chlorine for the past two years, and that includes winter opening/closing.
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    Re: Help me understand.

    For a little more clarification, read: ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.

    As already mentioned, you need not to be adding Algaecides to the water as long as you keep the FC/CYA ratio in check. It's really that simple.
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    Re: Help me understand.

    I am sure all the inline units are different. We have never used one. I would not cut it out for reason already mentioned. If your cya can tolerate picks while on vacation it will help you sleep easier.
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    Re: Help me understand.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhilTrosclair View Post
    Is it therefore useless to put algaecide in the pool weekly like the pool store claims you should?
    Phil, there are a lot of pool store owners who would object to the thought that you should stop buying algaecide and putting it in your pool on a regular basis. They have car and boat payments, so those algaecide sales have a defined purpose.

    As others have said, you have a good grasp on the theories involved in TFPC. Welcome!
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