I have been using this Kreepy Krauly for about three years. It has it's own pump and line. I've had to replace the unit that attached it to the wall, which contains the pressure valve. This is the second time I've had to replace this, but the first time I've had a problem. The pressure release valve is releasing water. Since I've never had a problem with this before, I'm thinking maybe this is a bad unit or somehow it's stuck on open, but I don't know how to close it. When I press down on the black circle, the water leak stops.

Could there be an issue with the Krauly itself that is causing the pressure to be too high all of a sudden? What should I check?

Also, I have another question. If the pump for this unit is accidentally turned on when the Krauly is not attached, it makes a sound like a pump running dry. (It has always done this and I don't run the pump without the Krauly attached.) But my question is, since the line comes out beneath the water level and it's pumping water into the pool, why does it sound like the pump is running dry when I don't have the Krauly attached?

Thanks for any input.