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Thread: Help determining pump size

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    Help determining pump size

    Hi all,

    I have just installed a new pool and asked to have a Pentair, 2 speed, Whisperflow pump installed. The pump was DOA so the pool guy gave me a loaner single speed pump and is trying to get another 2 speed to replace the one that was DOA. The DOA one is (or was) a 1 hp. He is having trouble getting the 1hp model so he is willing to "upgrade" me to the 1.5 hp 2 speed model for no additional cost. At first this sounded like something positive but after some reading I am not so sure and now am more confused than ever. I have to wonder if the additional HP will cost me more in electricity than it is worth, I am also worried the GPM of the 1.5 pump will be too much for my filter. I have spent hours on the Internet reading and trying to figure out if the 1.5 hp is overkill but the more I read the more confused I get. I have also spent a lot of time on the Pentair website but I cant make heads or tails out of it and cant tie the performance curves to any specific model. With all that said, could you guys toss in your two cents as to what might be the best size pump based on the info I have at hand?

    27,000 gal, vinyl pool (To turn it over in 8 hours would be 56 gpm..I think)
    Pentair Triton II TR-60 24" sand filter, rated at 63 gpm.
    I have one skimmer and two main drains but the two main drains combine into one pipe that leads to the Jandy valve and then to the pump.
    The skimmer line and the line for the drains combine into a Jandy valve and of course the Jandy valve has one pipe that leads into the pump.
    I have two returns
    All piping is 1.5 inch.
    The skimmer (following the pipes) is 51ft away from the pump
    The main drains (following the pipes) are 51ft away from the pump
    I do not have a spa
    I do not have any additional water features.
    I do not have a heater.

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give!!!!
    29k gal, 18x36 rectangle, vinyl, 1/2 hp Whisperflo 2 speed pump, sand filter.

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    Re: Help determining pump size

    Yup the 1.5HP is overkill and will use more electricity. For that matter the 1HP Whisperflo is also likely overkill.
    A 1HP Superflo 2-speed would be plenty of pump, cost less to buy and use less power.
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