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Thread: Suction issues

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    Suction issues


    I recently "inherited" a 50+ year old community inground pool. The dimensions are 65' x 25' with a 3' shallow-end and a 9' deep-end. We're in Canada so the pool only sees 9-10 weeks of use per year. The pool has a good deal of pine trees that surround it- picturesque, but a mess in pine needles and sand. In the adjacent pump shed are 2 jet pumps to pull water up from sand point wells in the ground, as well as 2 Jacuzzi Laser sand filtration pumps (1.5 hp) and sand tanks. 2 months ago I knew nothing about in-ground pool operation and season opening, but I've had to do a lot of learning to get it open for late June. So excuse any naivete on my descriptions or question please- I'm still learning. I've read the sticky post on pump and water theory, but have some questions pertaining to pool maintenance.

    Right now we vacuum every 2 days and it takes over an hour to do since there is a good deal of pool use and sand/pine needles get into the pool from wet feet. The community also prefers minimal chlorine use so a missed dose or two may start some algae growth. The suction is really poor on the closer skimmer, and almost non-existent for the far skimmer. When we vac, we turn off the other skimmer and drain in order to maximize the water intake. Cleaning the basket and doing backwashes helps a little, but the pressure is just ****-poor. I'm considering a robot cleaner, but before such an investment, I'm wondering if the pool is sub-optimally setup. So onto my questions:

    - For that sized pool, are the two 1.5 hp pumps sufficient? I'd assume 3+hp would be needed.
    - The vacuum is attached to the close skimmer but performs very poorly, perhaps a shorter vacuum hose? It's currently 65' or so (guess). It's always a wrestling match to get the air out of the tube before starting.
    - The poor suction on the far skimmer may be due to eroded pipes, is there a good way to check the pipes without jackhammering the pipe path?
    - Anything else I should look for to increase water flow during the regular operation. The pump for the long/far skimmer cycle runs at 8 psi and the close one is at 20 psi (at least that's what the gauges are telling me). The pipes are 2.5" if that helps.

    I appreciate any answers/tips/etc.

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    Re: Suction issues

    Sounds like you inherited a monster pool.

    I will let others comment on your issues but I will say that if you are open to the public, you should really reconsider running at low chlorine levels no matter what the community says they want. You do not want someone getting sick and catching heebee jeebies from this pool due to low and or no free chlorine. Please read:

    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry
    Recommended Pool Chemicals
    How to Chlorinate Your Pool
    Chlorine CYA Chart
    Recommended Levels
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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