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Thread: Liquid vs granular cyanuric acid (i.e stabilizer.)

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    Liquid vs granular cyanuric acid (i.e stabilizer.)

    I'm curious to hear opinions on the traditional granular CYA vs the liquid "instant" form (i.e. monosodium cyanurate monohydrate.) I know that the liquid is much more expensive per ppm raised, but I only need to bump up my CYA a bit, so the cost difference is no big deal in my case. Given this, is there ANY reason not to use the liquid form? It seems like the liquid would be faster and easier to administer, but I'm wondering about other chemical effects that might take place by using monosodium cyanurate monohydrate, and if there are any special considerations I should take into account.



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    Liquid vs granular cyanuric acid (i.e stabilizer.)

    I don't know of any reason's not to use it. The majority of people use the granular for the reason you stated, price.
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    Re: Liquid vs granular cyanuric acid (i.e stabilizer.)

    No reason not to use liquid. I never have used liquid myself because granular is cheaper. One negative of granular (if you want to call it a negative) is that it can take up to week to show up on your CYA test. If price is not a concern for you, there's no reason not to use liquid.
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    Re: Liquid vs granular cyanuric acid (i.e stabilizer.)

    I've used the liquid once when I wanted to know immediately a confirmed cya rate (and had zero) against which to shock. In terms of cost, my reasoning was that I'd save as much in reduced chlorine required for same

    Now that the swamp is recovered and I only need a little to bring it up from splash out, etc., the slower powder is just fine too...because I haven't had to shock since that first time

    So its just a matter of preference.
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    Re: Liquid vs granular cyanuric acid (i.e stabilizer.)

    Cost is the driving factor. Really in the big scheme of things waiting for 24 hour or so for it to dissolve isn't a big deal.
    Here's some other reading:
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