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Thread: Rusted light ring/mount and brown water

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    Rusted light ring/mount and brown water

    The metal ring around my light completely rusted this summer, I'm guessing because the ph has been too low. However, my water has been crystal clear all summer until yesterday.

    A couple of days ago, I added baking soda to bring the ph up.

    Now my water has a brown tint to it. Thinking it was algae starting, I added algaecide and shocked it last night. It's still brownish.

    I'm wondering, now, however, if increasing the ph caused the rust from the light and in the water to come out of solution, and the problem is actually iron in the pool.

    I'll be taking a water sample to get tested today and will post those results.

    In the meantime, any ideas for getting the rust off of the light fixture without it further browning the water and getting the iron out of the water, if that's the problem. I've read all kinds if ideas from chemicals to socks. I don't have a lot of extra money to play with.

    Please don't berate me for not testing and balancing. Still new to this and had no problems last year. I realize I'll need to get the pool properly balanced, of course.

    Also, what is a good, cheap but reliable test kit? Any recommendations for test strips? They seem a lot easier, but if they're not reliable, there's no point.

    I stuffed some socks in the skimmer basket to see if it will help catch some of the iron particles, if that's the problem.

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    Re: Rusted light ring/mount and brown water

    Welcome to TFP!

    The TF-100 from is the one you want.

    A rapidly rusting light fixture would concern me that there is an electrical problem. Any electrical issues or other items rusting?
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    Re: Rusted light ring/mount and brown water

    No electrical issues that I've noticed. Nothing else is rusted. The ladder isn't rusted. The screws holding the metal ring on are not rusted at all either.

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    Re: Rusted light ring/mount and brown water

    I would replace that ring before I did one thing further. It's worn out and the cost to fix it is marginal.

    After I finished that priority job, I would then read "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" up in Pool School. That'll get you started on the chemistry part. It is pointless for your to choose your kit when you don't know or understand the parameters you are testing for.....learn that next.
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