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Thread: Need help switching from EZPool to BBB

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    Need help switching from EZPool to BBB

    I've finally seen the light and decided to ditch ezpool. We've had problems all season and I'm constantly having to adjust everything. I realized on paying for overpriced algecide. So, wondering if I need to shock before I start. My pH and Alk are good. FC is 0.3. Stabilizer (this is CYA is presume?), is 25. These are results from the pool store today, I will be buying my own test kit ASAP. I have an 18x36, 23000 gal inground. TIA!!

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    Re: Need help switching from EZPool to BBB

    Welcome to TFP!

    If your pool is clear and you have no visible algae then why don't you start by just raising your Free Chlorine (FC) level to at least 2 ppm, probably using bleach (unscented, NOT outdoor or splash-less) or chlorinating liquid. Yes, get the TFTestkits TF-100 test kit so you can verify if your numbers are correct. Once you get your kit, you can report back with full results and we can go from there. Read the ABCs and other intro items of the Pool School in the meantime.
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    Re: Need help switching from EZPool to BBB

    Welcome! You're gonna LOVE using the TFP methods! I'm not sure what EZPool consists of but I can't imagine anything easier than a couple of minutes a day to test and adding some bleach.

    You're a step ahead of the game if you plan to ditch the pool store and get your own kit. Once your kit arrives, run your numbers and post them back to this thread and I'm certain you will get some great advice on balancing your pool chemistry. During that time, learn all you can from Pool School and reading from the forums! I'll give you some helpful links to start:

    Helpful information regarding your pool specifics If you would be so kind, please complete this part as some advice will be specific to your location as well as your pool type and equipment.

    TFP dictionary is a great resource to help you learn the language.

    ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry is all about what's in your water and how each element intertwines with the other. Valuable information!

    Chlorine/CYA relationship chart will help you understand about what chlorine level you need to carry at all times to be able to keep a well sanitized, sparkly clean pool!

    How much chlorine? What kind of chlorine? This little link will teach you everything you want to know about chlorine/bleach and the different delivery modes.

    These are the simple things you will be putting in your pool. The TFP method really focuses on accurate testing, knowing your pool, and the effects of adding chemicals.

    SLAM! This is a great article especially if you combine it with this one: Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis. "Shocking" seems to mean different things to different people and often refers to a one time event. SLAM is a process with a beginning and ending lasting from hours to sometimes days to clear your pool of visible and invisible (to the naked eye) organics.

    I know it seems like a ton of information. Take it in and then read again until it starts soaking in. Good luck!
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