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Thread: Alaglas price quote. What do you think?

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    Alaglas price quote. What do you think?

    Here is the quote we received yesterday from the South Carolina Alaglass dealer. What do you all think about the price and what should I have added in? Here is some extra info about the site if this will help.
    1. Site is flat.
    2. Easy access to site
    3. Site "should" be easy to dig with little chance of hitting big rock and no chance of hitting a spring
    4. They quoted us $300 x2 for the water spouts coming out of the concrete and arcing into the pool. THIS SEEMS VERY HIGH.???
    5. I am thinking that the plumb for future water features should be no charge. Thoughts??

    Alaglas Pool quote.jpgAlaglas Pool quote2.jpg

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    Re: Alaglas price quote. What do you think?

    I know where I am in Louisiana, the 'going rate' for deck jets was about $250 apiece. Most builders also wanted around $50 a line for plumbing stubs for future water features, in our case it was for deck jets. But it really depends on how much pipe they have to run - they still have to run a separate pipe all the way to the equipment pad from wherever the water feature will be and pressure test it. They sure aren't going to do that for free.

    I honestly can't read the quote very well and I'm not sure what size pool you were going for, so its hard to say if its a good deal. I'm not familiar with Alaglas but I did just google them. If its the pool I think it is its about 16x37 then that would be a killer deal around here. That would be considered a large pool around here and good luck getting one installed under $40K. We had a quote on a 14x30, and it was around $35K, minimal deck (because we didn't want it) and didn't include any electrical. However someone closer to home would be able to give you a better idea if its a good deal for your area or not because I've learned, that cost varies wildly from place to place.
    We are building a 14x28 in ground with a spillover spa...
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    Re: Alaglas price quote. What do you think?

    Just out of curiosity.......what were your reason for choosing a fiberglass pool?
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    Re: Alaglas price quote. What do you think?

    sorry did not realyze it would be that small. Here are the specs and price.

    The fiberglass was the most cost effective solution. Also, we have several dogs that like to swim, I did not want to take the chance on a liner. Lastly, from install to use will be 10 days. From what I understand the other type pools can be a couple of months.

    Pool Type: GRAND BARON
    Pool/Standard Accessories (White Gelcoat) 18,050.00
    Hayward Super Pump 1.5 HP (upgrade) 350.00
    Hayward Sand Filter INC
    2 Fiberstar PAL 4-color Light INC
    Skimmer and Returns INC
    Handrail INC
    Manual Vacuum System INC
    Pool Start Up & Demo INC
    Optional Equipment
    Hayward AQR Salt Chlorinator w/ T-Cell 9 ($2000 Installed) INC
    Tile : ME44 LAKE BLUE 1,400.00
    Dedicated Vac Line ($150) 150.00
    Baracuda Auto Cleaner ($500) NO CHARGE
    Plumb for Future Water Fall 150.00
    Speckle Color (Chart) Quartz ($1400)
    Heater (Chart)
    Cover (Chart)
    GAME **** MOSIAC: getting price qoute
    Solar Blanket ($150)
    SubTotal 20,100.00
    Install & 4'Concrete perimeter 5,400.00
    Removal of dirt @ $175 load (if needed) leave on site
    Sand @ $400 load: customer to provide
    Retaining Walls (price per application)
    Cantilever Edge 1,000.00
    150 sq. ft. extra concrete @ 4.50 per sq ft 675.00
    Stamped/Stained Concrete ($10.00 sq ft)
    Plumb for Future Heater NO CHARGE
    Sub Panel Box ($250) if needed
    Pump for Concrete ($500) if needed
    Thermostaic Timer with Freeze Protection 250.00
    Electrical 1,200.00
    Sales Tax (Chart) 1,407.00 7.00%
    Freight (Chart) 700.00
    Crane (Chart) 400.00
    Permit Fee ($150) 150.00
    Total 31,282.00

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