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Thread: Dirty bottom

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    Smile Dirty bottom

    Ok guys need a little help again. I have this mystery fine dirt that keeps accumulating on the bottom of the pool. Just ran a complete test here at my numbers

    Ta 110
    Ph 7.6
    FC 6.5 (before adding the daily dose)
    CC 0.0
    CYA. About 55 raised from 45 in the past week.

    I had a similar problem with some algae about 2-3 weeks ago. So I slammed it followed by a dose at mustard level for24 hours. Now the water is crystal clear but I still have this brown dirt accumulation happening. Vacuumed it out yesterday and back washed the filter when finished. Not losing any chlorine over night and total daily dose has been about 2.5 ppm or less daily. From everything I have read that is about normal. The bottom s not slimy and when I brushed it yesterday, nothing visible was stirred up. Since slamming it I know the chlorine level has never gone below 6.5 ppm so I am relatively sure it is not algae. When I vacuumed, I can see the dirt being sucked into the hose through the clear plastic vacuum head. Don't see any dirt getting blown back into the pool but pome how it can not bet rid of it. Not sure what to do to correct. And ideas??? I am going to try and attach a few shots to help. Thanks in advance
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    Dirty bottom

    I'm thinking it's dead algae. When you touch it, does it poof up and disappear ? If it does it's dead algae.
    Would you say your CYA level is closer to 50 or 60. If it's in between like 55, I like to recommend rounding up to the next level. That way your covered. Also aim a little higher for your target FC. I like to leave 4 ppm wiggle room above the min FC level. 😎
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    Re: Dirty bottom

    I have the same thing! No real idea what it is. Dirt? No real way for it to get in the pool. Algae? I have not had any real problems after I did just as you did.

    What could have been a little algae that I SLAMed with the follow up of MA levels. My numbers are spot on and have been.

    I just vacuum it up when I see it and backwash. I have even tried vacuuming to waste so it was OUT of the pool and filter. I still get some every once in a while.

    It goes poof, is dark like dirt, does not feel slimy. I have NO idea what it is.

    I am just adding chlorine like my numbers say I should and vacuum when I need to.

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    Re: Dirty bottom

    You think that's bad? You ought to see my pool after 2 days of no vacuum!

    I see trees in the background of the pics. Did you know they make good air filters? A large amount of airborne dust collects on the leaves, and the slightest breeze will blow that into your pool. I have two trees hanging over my pool, and three dogs that like to swim every day.

    I thought my filters were blowing dirt back into the pool, until I added a piece of white cloth in my returns. Vacuumed the pool, and no brown stains on the cloth.

    I'd say that was a normal accumulation in your pool, given the distance to those trees.

    Since you are using TPFC, you can see every spec of dirt that hits the floor of the pool. How many "pool stored" people can claim that?
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    Re: Dirty bottom

    I get the same thing in my vinyl pool. It tends to settle on the ridge where my shallow end starts sloping down, and in the angle-creases toward the deep end. I vacuum to waste as I need to lower my 60 CYA anyway. I just assume it's pollen? It settles in little patches. It appears every day. When I swim I touch it with my finger and it just poofs up.
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    Re: Dirty bottom

    Maybe it's just superfine dirt that sneaks past the sand filter. Beg a couple cups of DE from a neighbor and see if Adding DE to your Sand Filter helps.
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    Re: Dirty bottom

    Yes it just puffs up when you touch it. Can't really feel it to get an idea of what it feels like. Might try vacuuming to waste to get rid of it. I also have a bag of DE in the shed that I acquired from my in laws. I can try adding a little.
    14000 gal AG vinyl liner. 150lb Hayward sand filter 1hp 2 speed pump.

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