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Thread: Switch to a SWG?

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    Switch to a SWG?

    Hi all, so I'm a newbie to the the SWG approach, so apologies in advance for any stupid/remedial questions. I always thought they were big money, but just saw some in catalogs for as low as $750 for up to 15,000 gallons. We have a 10,000 gallon fiberglass pool.

    What're the main benefits? Are all SWGs created equal?

    How often do you have to add salt and how much do people spend annually on salt?

    What are the downsides to SWG? I have heard things about deterioration of decking (we have Cambridge brand pavers). Any issues with fiberglass pools?
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    Re: Switch to a SWG?

    The most prevelent upside to a SWG is that it provides the chlorine, instead of it having to be introduced manually. So, less "hands on" maintenance time of the pool. This also reduces the chance of chlorine spills onto hands, feet, shoes, flip flops, ankles, and feet. Also reduces the off chance of over-dosing the pool.

    The SWG costs a bit upfront, but over a period of years, the cost of the SWG vs the cost of chlorine each week, pretty much evens out over a long time period.

    A very noticeable benefet, is the soft feel to your skin from a SW pool.

    It is highly suggested the SWG be at least twice the size of your pool. The reason why is then you would not need to run the SWG so much, which will greatly lengthen the lifespan of the salt cell. You should consider a SWG sized for a 20K pool to get the best bang for your buck.

    There are quite a few good products on the market and would be difficult to compare each of them. Suggest to research and decide which couple of them best suits you. Once you narrow it down to a couple, we'll be happy to chime in with more details if we can.
    Pentair (the most cosly cell replacement because the control is built into the cell itself)
    Compupool (since they have fixed their problem in the last year or 2)
    etc.... there are quite a few

    Most of us use Solar Salt - cost is about 3.50 for a 40 lb bag. The only difference between the solar salt and "pool salt" for 7$ a bag, is how fine the salt granules are. Takes solar salt about 5 minutes to dissove vs the 2 minutes for pool salt.

    I needed 12 bags to get my 15K pool to about 3500 ppm, so about 50sih $. Salt does not evaporate, so replinshment of it is only due to water leaving the pool due to splashout, backwashing filter, overflow from rain and the like. So, just how much is needed to be replaced each year is a 1 on 1 personal thing, but in any case it wont be much.

    Downside (if you call it that) - up front cost of the unit, but again, cost evens out with manually dosing chlorine over time.

    You may also want to put a timer on the SWG so you can run your pump independently of the SWG,(thats what I do) but its just a little added expense, but it isnt a requirement. Depends on how long each day you want to run your pump and dont need chlorine production the whole time the pump runs.

    I dont know of any real downside.

    No problem using it with Fiberglass pools.

    THe thing about deteriorating stone is being stretched a bit by some folks. Not all stone is effected equally and SW really doesnt do much, if anything to concrete decking. Its true SW does deteriorate some of the softer stones used in poolscapes, such as Oklahoma flagstone, which is what the deterioration comments are mainly aimed at. (many people should be more precise in their comments about this). However applying sealer to the flagstone every couple or 3 years solves the flagstone deterioration.
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: Switch to a SWG?

    I would design with an AutoPilot SAG as the DIG-220 has a built in control for the pump. I feel it is the easiest to use and maintain and operate. Make sure to get a good test kit like a Taylor and read the book. Also, I hear it's a good idea to use sacrificial anodes around lights and an in line anode at the pad, though I have yet to install them.

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    Re: Switch to a SWG?

    SWCG are a great time saver, but the upfront cost deturs people. I've installed my SWCG and wouldn't go back to manually dosing with chlorine. I do add chlorine manually to boost the level if I'm having a party or some other issue (cell or power problem).
    Depending on your skill set it can be a DIY job.
    You'll want to double to triple your pool size to get a cell that puts out enough chlorine. (The output according to pool size is based upon 24 hours of run time, most pumps run significantly less during a 24 hour period.) (Mine runs from 10 hours during the summer to 4 or so hours during the winter.)

    I have a Compupool unit that has had it's fair share of issues. The company has always made it right, but it has been frustrating.
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    Re: Switch to a SWG?

    Me too with my circupool. All the issues I've had have been resolved by the seller and it's working perfectly now!
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