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Thread: How often should I run my pool pump?

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    How often should I run my pool pump?

    I have an above ground 24' round 52" deep pool. I had been running my pump 24/ this too much? Second question, I had an issue with my chlorine being way too's now way too high. I understand chlorine will burn off throughout the day, however with it being this high will it harm my water? If so, easiest solution to rectify this would be what?

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    Re: How often should I run my pool pump?

    Welcome to the forum. Try running the pump 8 hours daily and see how the pool responds. You may be able to even reduce that. "way too low and way too high" means nothing without posting a full set of test results we can help you analyze. Do you have one of our recommended test kits? We ain't real big on pool store test results!
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    Re: How often should I run my pool pump?

    I've settled on 7 hours a day in hot weather, and thinking I could reduce to 4 hours in cooler weather. I have a single speed pump.
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    Re: How often should I run my pool pump?

    Welcome to TFP MrBigz!

    The answer to how long one should run their pump depends on several factors. Among them are:

    1. Are you running a single-speed pump, a 2-speed, or a variable-speed? If it is one of the latter, what speed do you normally run it on?
    2. Do you have a salt (SWG) pool or do you manually chlorinate? If you have a SWG pool, you may need to run the pump longer than you would for a manually-chlorinated pool since the SWG produces chlorine only when the pump is running.
    3. The level of airborne debris that gets into the pool.
    4. Bather load / Pool parties - the higher the bather load, the more you may need to run the pump.

    The answer to this question varies with every pool. Here is an article describing the process I used to help me determine the pump run time for my pool: Determining Pump Run Time.

    I will also second woodyp's suggestion to post some test results to give us some hard numbers to help us assess your chlorine situation. Test results, using the proper kit, are the air of those who properly manage their pool. Without them, you cannot fly.

    I would suggest adding information about your pool and related equipment in your signature. By doing this, it will automatically appear in all your posts so you do not have to re-enter it each time. If you have a SWG, please include those letters in your signature so it stands out as the advice for SWG vs. non-SWG is often different.
    Here's how to do this: Adding location to your profile and pool info to your signature.
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