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Thread: pool please

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    pool please

    I hate to admit it but its been so long since I've been on this site that I have forgotten how to post any questions for help. My log on name is waterhog and i am from Virginia. I need help with getting my numbers right again. Thanks

    pool store computer test:
    phosp 2000
    SI -0.18
    TDS 100
    FC 3.7
    TC 4.7
    CC 1.1
    pH 7.5
    CYA 90
    TA 148
    adj TA 121
    CH 127

    Water is clear but not sparkling. 24' round AGP, 4' deep.

    Edited for clarity.
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    Re: pool please

    Do you not have your own test kit? You need one, it's worth its weight in gold! The TF-100 is available here from Dave (duraleigh); the Taylor K-2006 is also good.

    Assuming the pool store results are accurate, you need to dump some water to lower your CYA. For CYA the appropriate range is 30-50 if you don't have an SWG. At your current CYA level, shock level is FC=34, which would take about 5 large jugs of bleach. And you do need to shock b/c you have cc>1.

    This is all academic until you GET A TEST KIT! I'm not trying to belabor the point, but everyone here will tell you that.

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    Re: pool please

    This was your posting on May 6, 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by waterhog
    we took a sample of our water to the POOL STORE and i dont know where to start,i did the BBB thing last year and everything was just great all season ,ive been adding liquid bleach 6% now for 5 days and we can see the bottom fairly well .i have vacumed, scrubbed and filtered 24&7 here are the #s we got yesterday
    saturation index 0.06
    total disolved solids 100
    free chlorine 3.8
    total chlorine 7.5
    combined chlorine 3.7
    ph 7.6
    cyanuric acid 9
    copper 0
    iron 0
    total alk 186
    adjusted total alk 186
    calcium hardness 132
    temp 60
    so anyway iam stuck getting old i guess just need a jump start thanks..
    So when you posted a CYA of 9, did you mean to say 90? Did you add stabilizer then?

    Your numbers are fine except for your chlorine readings. You still have a CC of 1.1 which means you need to shock your pool.

    IF your CYA is 90, then check out the CYA/chlorine chart and see how high your shock level is....34.

    If the CYA test is performed on cloudy water, it can give a false high reading. If you are still taking samples to the pool store, find out how they are performing the CYA test and have them run the sample thru a coffee filter first. Bring a coffee filter with you, just in case.

    Last August you posted your CYA is 50. You REALLY need to know what your correct CYA levels are. Otherwise you could be shocking to low, or shocking too high....

    Shocking too low would explain why you still have CCs over .5.

    A CYA increase from 90 when it was 50 before means something you put in your pool increased your CYA level or your test is wrong.

    Can you help us determine which is the case? Did you put anything in your pool that contained CYA or stabilizer?

    If you haven't invested in a good test kit, like the TF-100 now is the time to order one, so you can take control of your pool and conquer your water issues once and for all.

    Hope this helps.
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