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Thread: FYI - "Lifetime" Warranty Claims On Liquidator With 3/8" Upgrade / Cracked Flowmeter

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    FYI - "Lifetime" Warranty Claims On Liquidator With 3/8" Upgrade / Cracked Flowmeter

    The flowmeter on my Liquidator cracked and was allowing air to be sucked into the pool pump. I called Hasa to make a warranty claim. There was no problem until I mentioned that I had the model with the 3/8" upgrade. I was told that the 3/8" upgrade is provided by the dealers, not Hasa, and that Hasa did not warranty any of the 3/8" components. Hasa will only support Liquidators with the original 1/4" fittings. That pretty much leaves only the tank itself as being warrantied by Hasa if you have the 3/8" version.

    Luckily the online dealer (PST Pool Supplies) honored the warranty claim without any question. I received notification that the replacement flowmeter had shipped 30 minutes after I talked with them.

    PST mentioned that the flowmeter is the original Hasa flowmeter with the connectors upgraded to 3/8". They also said that the flowmeter is poor quality and prone to cracking. The new flowmeter arrived with 1/4" fittings and I had to move the 3/8" fittings from the old flowmeter to the new unit. PST cautioned against using too much Teflon tape or overtightening the fittings to reduce the risk of cracking the new flowmeter.

    In hindsight I realize that I could have let Hasa believe that I have a Liquidator with 1/4" fittings, obtained the flowmeter from them and then switched the connectors.

    Unfortunately all the other fittings (float valves, check valves, etc.) are specifically 3/8" and will have to be supported by the dealer and not Hasa. There are also 3rd party sources for these components.

    Hasa is supposedly working on getting a 3/8" version of the Liquidator certified by the NSF so that they can sell their own 3/8" model.
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    Re: FYI - "Lifetime" Warranty Claims On Liquidator With 3/8" Upgrade / Cracked Flowme

    FWIW the tank on the Liquidator is specifically excluded from their lifetime warranty as well. Sounds like their warranty isn't worth much. Sad really...I like the product but have had to replace the flowmeter twice and now the tank is leaking.

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