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Thread: Hayward Perflex EC65A DE Filter Parts Dimensions

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    Hayward Perflex EC65A DE Filter Parts Dimensions

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know what the dimensions are for the bump shaft O-rings (Hayward Part# ECX9611246) and for the bump shaft Retainer C-clip (Hayward part# ECX1014) for a Hayward Perflex EC65A DE filter? The O-rings look to be approx. 11mm (7/16") x 16mm (5/8") x 2mm (3/32").

    I went to my local pool shop and they didn't have any in stock and wanted $20 to special order them. The local hardware store has these parts for a couple bucks and I know I can eyeball them to be pretty close but actual measurements would be best if possible. I actually tried calling Hayward, but they wouldn't tell me; they advised I just buy genuine Hayward parts. For the real speciality type parts like a gasket or tube plates I don't have a problem with buying authentic parts, but for common parts like O-rings or retainer clips I have problem with paying 10 times the value and having to wait for a special order, just so it says Hayward on the bag.

    If anyone has the actual measurements if would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Hayward Perflex EC65A DE Filter Parts Dimensions

    I can't answer this but if you think a cheapo one wouldn't hurt, why don't you buy it, try it and see? And if it doesn't you'll know you need the one in the bag that says HAYWARD.
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    Re: Hayward Perflex EC65A DE Filter Parts Dimensions

    Maybe a pack of assorted O-rings. There would probably be one that works. And, you have plenty left any time you need other O-rings. Example: Sale: $3.99
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