Edit Sept 2, 2014: I'm going to start a different thread on this, with my results/outcome. Zodiac did get me a new radio...more on that in the new thread.

Anyone have problems with their iAqualink radio losing connection due to warm temperatures?

I installed my iAqualink last November, and it has worked pretty flawless since then.....except when the hot summer temps have hit lately.

the radio itself is mounted in the shade all day, but our temps have been in mid-90s to 100 lately. Just like clockwork, I lose connection around 1pm everyday, and it won't come back until ~8-9 pm at night. Last night, I pulled the cover off the radio and it cooled down and reestablished connection.

I want a new radio, but Zodiac is being stubborn. They have told me to troubleshoot with my "professional installer". Oh please....this isn't rocket science and I installed it myself. Plus, I'm an engineer and wifi radio is my work area.

I'm going to talk to the vendor I bought it from....maybe I'll get somewhere with them. Having the radio go out every afternoon is a hassle, since you have no other communication method without it (unless I run a really really long ethernet cable across my yard).