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Thread: TF-100 testing on 5th day

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    TF-100 testing on 5th day are my test results....I think I have tested what I was supposed to! BTW water is very clear.

    PH 7.3
    FC 1.0
    CC 1.0
    TC 2.0
    TA 100
    CYA -- Less than 20, I could still see the black dot at the bottom of the tube.
    Water temp 82F

    I am having a bit of a problem because I forgot to think about the fact when I ordered the test kit that I am colorblind to some shades of red and green. I think maybe that is hindering my test results. I also used the "daily" small kit that is in the large kit, and my CL does not even change the water color at all, so I think I am pretty close with the above results.

    I know I need to add and up the CL.....pool calc says 63 oz of bleach. I got that far before my head started spinning around on my neck. I know I also need to add more stabilizer to get it up between 30-50. Pool calc says 25oz of stabilizer. Now since my PH is low.....I need to aerate or add 17 oz of borax. If I understand correctly, when I add the stabilizer it will lower my PH.

    Am I close on any of this? Will someone check behind me please?

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    Re: T-100 testing on 5th day

    Hi Lori,

    Because you have CC of 1 and your FC has fallen below your minimun FC of 2, I suggest you shock your pool.

    Pool School has an article for shocking your pool.

    I would leave the pH alone for now and just keep a check on it.

    You are on the right track with your CYA with a goal of 30 to 50.

    Later, you can think about lowering your TA if you have problems with rising pH.
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