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Thread: Noob can't find relief valve on Hayward Sand Filter - He

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    Noob can't find relief valve on Hayward Sand Filter - He

    Please start your own question in an new thread instead of asking in an old one. Thank You. Brushpup.

    So, if I don't need one, what do I do to release air from the system? My filter basket on my pump (before my sand filter) has more air in it than it has water (the instructions and the lid both say that it should be filled with water and contain no air) and there doesn't appear to be anyway to release the air (except to have a very strong person remove the lid to the basket strainer and then tighten it back up before losing too much water), but the water flow is very low, the pressure is very low and it's pushing air bubbles back into the pool. We've loosened the lid to the basket strainer to release the air but it's back again, and this has happened a few times now. The manual says not to run it with air in there, but I have no way to release the air when my husband is traveling because I'm not strong enough to fight the very strong water flow from the pool.

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    It doesnt have one. You dont need it. Just set the mulitport valve to filter and turn on the pump. Thats it.
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    Re: Noob can't find relief valve on Hayward Sand Filter - He

    Air in your pump basket is always because you have an air leak. Your pump is sucking in some air instead of sucking all water. You may get lucky and find that your water level is too low, or the flapper in your skimmer is stuck or you have a basket full of leaves in your skimmer or you have a suction side automatic cleaner that is gulping air. All of those causes are easy to fix by either filling the pool with more water or unsticking your skimmer flapper or emptying your skimmer basket or disconnecting your automatic cleaner.

    If none of those are the cause, it's likely you have an air leak in your pump or plumbing. Very common. The pump basket and the plumbing feeding it from your skimmer are the suction side of your pump system. Somewhere along there is a bad connection or bad seal that is allowing air to be sucked in.

    The Pool School section of this site has a very good description of where air leaks are commonly found and how to cure them. Here's the link:

    Your method of removing air by opening the lid only removes the accumulated air in the basket, but because you haven't fixed the leak, new air will quickly return.

    When you find the leak and fix it, you won't have to "bleed" any air out of the system because any little bit of accumulated air (from opening the basket lid for example) will be expelled automatically with your top-valve style of filter.
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    Re: Noob can't find relief valve on Hayward Sand Filter - He


    The outlet for your filter is at the top, so the air trapped in the filter naturally bleeds out when it's running, hence, bubble in the return stream.

    Air in the pump basket can only come from a suction side leak. The simplest and surprisingly common problem is the water level is too low and you have a whirlpool with a vortex inside the skimmer. Next up is that the weir (flapper) inside the skimmer is sticking, which causes the same thing.

    Then you get to the more difficult fixes. The gasket underneath the pump strainer lid could have a hairline crack, or some grit trapped underneath, or it's just not lubricated enough. If you're not strong enough to get it open to check, and can't devise some kind of wrench (check out this thread) you'll have to wait.

    There are also small drain plugs around the bottom of the pump basket. Usually they have a rubber O-ring underneath. They just need to be snugged by hand.
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