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Thread: Time to actually post here!

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    Time to actually post here!

    Hello to all. Although I joined this forum some time back, this is my first post. I have referred other people here and use this forum as an example of what is absolutely the BEST aspect of the internet: people developing a community to help one another without the goal of power or money. There is so much BS out there with trolls, thinly placed advertisements, or people on power trips. I believe that I can honestly say that I have never seen a less abusive or more cohesive community than this one.

    I grew up with a swimming pool, helping dad brush and vacuum the gunnite surface, wash the fabric/DE panels (hosed off out at the curb, runoff down the edge of the street...), checking pH and chlorine every day or two and trickling in a little acid or liquid chlorine. Pool was always beautiful, never saw an algea bloom in my life.

    A few years ago my wife and I bought a second home in a very rural part of TN. There was an in-ground vinyl pool that looked like a pond. The pool had a new liner, pump, and filter the year before, but the house was unoccupied so the pool was neglected. After wasting a few hundred dollars on chemicals I found this website and bleached the pool back to clear water. I copied a bleach dispenser using a Stenner peristaltic pump I saw here. I bought a TigerShark and got the maintenance down to 30 min every other week or so (we get to the place for a few days once or twice a month). After initially thinking that the pool was unsalvageable and too much work (and we honestly thought of just filling the pool or literally turning it into a pond), this community saved the day. Perhaps this is a bit long-winded but I am truly grateful.

    Periodically something happens such as losing a pump seal or running the bleach tank dry and getting an algea attack. But y'all got that covered as well!

    An ongoing problem is that the quality of the liner install was not good (a bunch of visible folds/wrinkles in the floor, etc) and some linear tears at the water line. They occur on the side of the pool that faces directly south, and I suspect that it is a combination of UV damage and the liner being stretched too much. The primary point of tear is in the north-east corner so it gets the worst sun. The liner is under tension and clearly 'pulled out' from the corner. It actually popped out of the attachment once and "bows inward" rather than actually follow the contour of the outer wall. Last year I attached a clear vinyl patch that worked, but it has come loose and the tear extended.

    I will post a thread over in the 'construction' area as it appears that is where liner issues are dealt with, but wanted to introduce myself and truly express my appreciation to the community.

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    Re: Time to actually post here!

    Very glad you decided to share your story!

    Welcome to TFP and glad you decided to join us.
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    Re: Time to actually post here!

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words!
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    Re: Time to actually post here!

    Welcome to TFP! Glad you came out of lurkdom!
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    Re: Time to actually post here!

    Always glad to see a "Newguy". Looking forward to seeing how all of your repairs go! Good Luck!
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    Re: Time to actually post here!

    Welcome to the forum
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