My Letro JetVac has done great service for about 18 years. But its no longer available, and parts are drying up. What's a good replacement? Here are the specs on my setup.

Pool: 18X36, about 25,000 gallons.
Square shape, radiused corners, one set of steps that would occasionally hang up the Jet Vac, but its auto reverse would un-stick it.
Shallow end, 3.5 feet, deep end, 6.5 feet.

The main stuff we need it to pick up are some smaller leaves, and insect parts and worms.

We have a 1.5HP booster pump to run the Jet Vac.

We teach swim lessons every day in the summer, so a clean pool is important, and we don't want to vacuum every day. We run the Jet Vac for about 2 hours every morning before lessons, and it does real well. We only vacuum to get sand up about avery 2 weeks.

So what will replace the Jet Vac? One guy told me Pentair Legend. Is that it? Or is there something better?