We get a lot of requests for replacement parts for above ground pump & filters systems sold under the Proline name by Namco. Namco private labeled these systems meaning they did not actually make the pump and filter, Namco used a different manufacture to produce the pump or filter and then put the Proline label on it.

If you currently have a Proline pump & Filter system it would be greatly appreciated if you could Post any pictures of your Proline System or post the owner's manuals to your Proline pump & filter system

Below is a list pump and filters that we have found to be sold by Namco under the Proline name

Speck Pump W/ Waterway Clearwater Sand Filter
Waterway Hi Flo Pump W/ Clearwater II DE Filter
Astral 1800 Series (Persius) Filter
Jacuzzi Landslide DE Filter

Thanks in advance!