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Thread: Estimating costs involved in replacing pumps, etc

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    Estimating costs involved in replacing pumps, etc

    I am two years into running old pool equipment that I think has been around since the late 80's or early 90's. The filter may be newer and some of the valve controllers but here is what I want to do:

    Jandy VS 1.5 HP pump to replace old single speed
    replace 2.0 HP spa pump with new one (old no longer works so no jets)
    replace an electronic valve actuator
    replace hayward 8 port valve on top of existing filter
    upgrade control board with IQ-900RS and make necessary connections to allow me to control pool equipment with my ipad, etc.

    I am estimating $2700 dollars for new equipment and new pipe fittings.

    Before I ask for quotes I wanted an educated guess on the labor hours to do the above work.

    Thanks - Tom

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    Re: Estimating costs involved in replacing pumps, etc

    Tom, We can not possibly give you an estimate on labor as you have not even provided your location in your profile or have your signature filled out. This is one major reason you did not find help on your questions.

    Please read this What we need to know to answer your questions
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    Re: Estimating costs involved in replacing pumps, etc

    A pump install is DIY, assuming you have a hack saw and understand the basics of gluing pipe.

    AND: My personal Crusade: Install UNIONS - quick connect/disconnet fittings - make changing equipment MUCH easier.
    Valves: DIY
    Valve actuator: probably DIY

    I do not understand the electronics, so will not guess - is this a plug-in module which can only go in one (intelligent) way?
    What is the cost of a panel pre-wired to do what you want?

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