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Thread: I am about to give up! Chemicals are right, still green!

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    I am about to give up! Chemicals are right, still green!

    This year our chemicals have been SPOT on every time I have tested. But we still have a cloudy/greenish pool. We have a new pump that is more than sufficient to turn our pool over. Our Hayward sand filter is 3 years old. The gasket in the filter valve has been replaced.

    No matter how much I vacuum to waste, we still have debris that accumulates on the bottom.

    My husband HATES our pool and has been looking for any excuse to shut it down. We maybe have gotten to enjoy it 3 times this season. I am so disappointed and sick. I love our pool... but now he has more than enough excuse to to cover it and forget about it!

    HELP! I just don't know what else to do. I even have enlisted the pool store with no help because I am so desperate to have a nice pool!

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    Re: I am about to give up! Chemicals are right, still green!

    I hear your frustration! It's a good thing you found TFP! If you educate yourself with all the good information from this site, you'll be swimming again soon!

    Something that will help everyone here is if you give us more information. Please read the Getting Started article.

    Now I know it's gonna be difficult to hear that you need to spend more money but well, you need to spend more money. But think of this as an investment. This is your way to take control of your pool and arm you with information and results to keep that pool open and working! You need a good test kit. Not test strips. Not the cheap kits from the pool stores or Wal-Mart. You have visible algae and you need a test kit that will test high levels of chlorine. You can compare test kits here: Test kit comparison Order it today because it takes a few days to get to you.

    While you are waiting on your kit to arrive, you are going to school! Yes, you heard me correctly.

    Pool School has a wealth of information! Happy Summer Reading List!

    Specificially, you can start with the following and read them several times. They make sense after a while. After you have educated yourself, please ask questions of anything you don't understand.

    A dictionary to get you to speaking the language!

    ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

    Chlorine/CYA Relationship Chart
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    Re: I am about to give up! Chemicals are right, still green!

    I'd forget the shutting it down option.
    If you just neglect it and let it rot- it will. It'll stink and be full of vermin.
    Filling it in will cost an arm and a leg. City codes have to be complied with.
    Several years ago I had a contractor quote me $10,000 to fill my pool in and level it off.

    BBB is the way to go. It turned me from a pool hater to a guy who really enjoys taking care of it.
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    Re: I am about to give up! Chemicals are right, still green!

    A few questions:
    What were you using to test, how often, and what were the numbers?
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    Re: I am about to give up! Chemicals are right, still green!

    Did you finish the SLAM from May 30th?

    Do you have one of the recommended test kits that has the FAS/DPD kit? If you have a kit (seems like I read that you do), it could be that you just maybe need to add the FAS/DPD kit to be able to do he SLAM process. They are sold separately at

    To help you, we need for you to post a full set of test results and tell us how you got them (which kit? pool store?)

    We also need for you to add your pool and equipment specs in your sig. Here's what we need and how to do it:

    Stick with us and you will soon be the proud owner of a crystal clear low maintenance pool
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    You're done SLAMing when:
    1)You lose 1ppm or less FC overnight, & 2)You have .5ppm CC's or less, & 3)your water is clear.

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    If you found TFP helpful and we saved you money ... Become a TFP Supporter!

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    Re: I am about to give up! Chemicals are right, still green!

    Sounds like a case of low chlorine and high cya

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    Re: I am about to give up! Chemicals are right, still green!

    Welcome neighbor, you're in the right place. If you choose, these folks here can get you fixed up, they fixed mine! This system DOES work, but, it takes some "unlearning" of what many of us learned as the way to take care of a pool.

    My pool currently takes a daily test of chlorine and ph, addition of approx. 60 oz. of bleach a day and 20 oz. of muriatic acid a week. Thats it...............and it's perfect.

    Yours can be too...........
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