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Thread: New pool installed, electric connected..some basic questions

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    New pool installed, electric connected..some basic questions

    Hi all. Pool installed on Thursday. Finally finished filling with hose Saturday morning. I had added some shock during this time as electric was not connected till last night.
    Getting the general hang of testing. I have added baking soda, bleach, and just started some cya ( sock method) last night.
    As of last night chlorine was about 2ish. No visible cya reading yet. Ph about 7.2.
    1. How often to run pump per day and best time to run?
    2. A chlorination system came free with pool. It's currently connected but I set it to 0. I'm hoping that means nothing is getting to pool. Figured we'd leave it connected for vacations. Should I remove the pacs in it or just kept them and hope 0 is truly 0?
    3. First major mishap...I was checking connections as chlorination was leaking and accidentally opened pump cover. Had water gushing everywhere. Took a bit before I remembered to close valve. Got cover back on. Put system back together but didn't totally fill with water at first. Pump is self priming but Do I need to prime filter? I tried to read directions but filter said to open air vent and we don't have one.
    4. Pool store gave us a bag of cellulose stuff in place of DE for filter. Bag had directions on how much to add based on filter area. Also had a conversion in comparison to lbs. of DE typically added. Of course they did not add up. Filter says 19 sq ft area so I used that value. I added in about 3/4 of the bag that states 1 bag for 24 sq ft. According to lbs of DE I would have needed 2 full bags which didn't seem right. How do u know if u gave right amount of cellulose?
    5. Our filter has a bump cleaning process. I assume I do not have to add more cellulose using this process?

    Im sure more questions will pop up but those are the ones I have right now....
    24'x 54" Round Sharkline Oceanic installed summer 2014,Hayward EC45 bump style 1.5hp DE filter (using cellulose),TF-100 test kit. First time Pool owner- thinking about SWG

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    Re: New pool installed, electric connected..some basic questions

    #1 Pump Run Time
    #2 What is the name of the system you are using and what are these pack?
    #3 The filter should be full of water. Do you have a rubber nobby on the top of the filter that twist? It bleeds air out of the filter.
    #4 I've been using a DE filter for a long time and never have I been sold on the cellulose. Get rid of it and use DE. That's my opinion. You can purchase a 1lb scoop for DE at your local pool store or any online pool store. It's orange.
    #5 WHen your filter pressure rises, you shut the pump off and bump the handle up and down 5 times and it will redistribute the filter media in the filter causing the pressure to go back down. When you continually bump and the pressure keeps rising, it's time to clean the filter.
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

    24' Sharkline Venture De Filter

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