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Thread: Algaecide Worked!

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    Algaecide Worked!

    I appreciate the advice from this community to rid my pool of an awful algae bloom, but I registered to post that despite the popular opinion here, algaecide seemed to be the solution to my algae problem. Since this is all anecdotal, I would like the opinion of this helpful community.

    My problem began after a 14 day vacation, during which my home endured thunderstorms and a power surge that tripped the circuit breaker to my filter.

    I followed the SLAM guidelines and measured everything for my 27500 gallon pool with chlorox concentrate. I didn't have a test kit that measured to shock levels (it's coming), so I bothered my local pool store every other day to test. With a CYA of 41, my target FC was 16 and the morning tests never showed the FC below 8.1. After about 14 days of repeating this and $80 in chlorox, backwashing the filter twice daily, the water began to turn blue again but cloudy, but the FC kept drifting down due to more contaminants. I let the FC go back down to 3 again thinking that the worst was over and that the slight cloudiness was due to suspended particles from runoff. Silly me, as the green algae just came back.

    I decided to buy dry shock and then an algaecide solution of 50% Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, 10% ethanol. Maybe it was due to the overcast days, the dry shock, the algaecide, or the combination of all three, but the pool was back to clear again in 24 hours.

    And I will be getting a proper test kit to test high FC levels.

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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    Welcome to TFP!

    It is impossible to tell at this point, but most likely the algae was all dead back when you said "began to turn blue again", and from there it was just a question of waiting for the filter to clear the water. If that is true, then the algaecide was just a coincidence.
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    I don't think it is coincidental. I thought that the algae was dead as well when the green algae started to clear away, but no ... the water turned green again as if the past 14 days of SLAM did nothing. Then, after shocking again with dry chlorine and then applying the algaecide, things worked.

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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    It was a coincidence. Chlorine kills algae much more effectively than algaecide, which is better at helping prevent algae ... if you do not maintain adequate FC. And of course chlorine is cheaper as well.

    Does not sound like you were using an appropriate test kit so you could not follow the SLAM process correctly.
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    You may not have had success with your SLAM because you relied on the pool store for the CYA reading. (They don't usually get it right.) Therfore you may not have had a high enough CL level to effectively kill the algae. When you get your new test kit, reread pool school. The TFP way works, but you have to commit fully to all aspects, or it won't work.
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    letting the free chlorine drop to 8.1 is not slamming
    if you had maintained closer to 16 more regularly you probably would have cleared it sooner
    the dry shock possibly finaly killed the algae
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    Using the TFP method I can usually clear pools in a day at most. I help out most folks who ask. Clorox the **** out of the pool does way more then algaecide does.

    3rd year owning a pool and lots of my friends have them. I am helping them out and they are saving a ton of money, and have not had many issues at all since. One friends daughter was scared to swim due to algaecide turning her hair green. If you don't have blondes in your family or friends and algaecide makes you feel better go for it. But I feel it's a waste.
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    I won't "glom" on to what's been said, but the TFPC method has been developed by some of the best minds on Pool Chemistry in the world.

    It is pretty wasteful of time and space to imply that you have found "a better mousetrap".......especially when our experience over the years teaches us otherwise.

    Manage your pool in a way that suits you best.....whatever that might be. But do not tout the "magic bullet" that has proven to be less effective time after time after time.

    I am glad your methods work for you.
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    If you are going to use an algecide for a preventive approach use Polyquat 60. It doesn't have any copper and actually helps as a clarifier.
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    "I decided to buy dry shock and then an algaecide solution of 50% ..." How much did you add of the dry shock?

    Anyway, I'm happy you got ahead of the green.
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    Firstly: if your pool is clearing up then do it however you want. It is not my pool, I don't have to swim in it, I don't have to pay to maintain it, so it is none of my business how you care for it.

    Ok, that is out of the way. Do you have any way to prove that the algaecide helped? I have SLAMmed pools with nothing but chlorine and got it sparkling clear, so I can prove that it was the chlorine that cleared the pool. You used chlorine and algaecide, which one helped? What if the algaecide did nothing? Can't say for sure whether it helped, hindered, or did nothing because there was chlorine in there too.

    Your story tells me a very different tale than it tells you. It tells me that if you try to SLAM without a proper test kit, by using pool store results, and by only testing every other day, then it is destined to fail. The gas you burnt driving to the pool store and the cost of the algaecide would probably have paid for a proper test kit too...

    But hey, if you have a clear pool and are happy, then I'm happy for you.
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    Re: Algaecide Worked!

    Quote Originally Posted by Curandero View Post
    With a CYA of 41, my target FC was 16 and the morning tests never showed the FC below 8.1
    With a CYA of 41, your minimum for SLAM is 16. Your target should be high enough so that you never fall below your minimum.
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