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Thread: Getting a handle on a new pool

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    Getting a handle on a new pool


    This is my first time posting here. I'm pretty new to maintaining a pool, albeit a small above ground pool. I got a new Intex Ultra Frame 18' x 48" pool. The capacity to where I have it filled currently is 6,900 Gallons. Along with the pool, I picked up the HTH 6-in-1 test kit.

    My levels have been pretty decent to begin with (except CYA) but I've been unable to really maintain it in the past 5 days and now it's beginning to get a little cloudy. I will admit I made what appears to be a rookie mistake and did not add stabilizer to the pool to begin with which after reading through Pool School appears to be why my levels have been bouncing all around.

    For the first couple days, I was using HTH 3-in-1 chlorine tabs (though they had absolutely no effect). That was when I found this site and found the BBB method which I have been starting to use now.

    Currently, my test levels are as follows:

    FC - 0
    Ph - 8.4
    TA - 190
    TH - 320
    CYA - 0

    I have used the pool calculator to find what I need to add which apparently is:
    Stailizer - 38oz
    Dry Acid - 22oz
    Bleach (8.25%) - 42oz

    I currently have 20oz of stabilizer in a sock hanging above the filter output of the pool.

    Do I need to wait until the stabilizer is dissolved before adding acid / bleach? Is there any order I should be doing this in? I didn't find anything in Pool School saying as such, but I may have missed it.
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    HTH 6-in-1 test kit plus HTH 6-way test strips

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    Re: Getting a handle on a new pool

    The stabilizer will take a while to dissolve and show on any tests (up to a week to show on tests).

    Go ahead and add the correct amount of bleach. Let it mix with the water (pump running) for 30 mins.

    Then add in the correct amount of acid. You can get muratic acid at any hardware store. Just be very careful with it-eye and airway protection.

    You might want to think about getting a good test kit. You can find a link in my siggy below. Spending a little on this will save you SO much money later as well as making your pool much easier to care for.

    Once you add your stabilizer and bleach come back inside and read up on

    This will help us help you have a clear pool!

    Let us know how else we can help you!

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