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Thread: Gunite pool renovation

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    Gunite pool renovation

    Hello, would appreciate thoughts/recommendations on a 40 year old gunite pool. Size is about 15x35 kidney shape. We moved in 1 year ago so known history on the pool is limited. Location is Western NY, where we get 2 months a year of use out of it.

    Known work done:
    -Previous owners replaced the tile line themselves 5 years ago. The tiles are already coming off. The tile line in general looks poor, especially on one side of the pool. On that side, the coping is hollow underneath.
    -Last summer we DIY replaced the skimmer due to a leak (pictures in link below). We also plugged up the 2 return lines and ran a new one over the top due to leaking


    I had 2 companies come and give me quotes (only 2 in the area).

    As the two companies are giving me opposite opinions on what to do, especially with the coping and plaster, I am looking for a tiebreaker/opinions.

    Company A says needs a compete renovation:
    -Removing the coping since it is starting to delaminate, and replace with poured concrete.
    -Replace waterline tile
    -Re-plaster at the same time do get a good seal between the tile line and the plaster to be able to last through the rough winters.
    -Seal between concrete decking and new poured concrete coping
    -Install 2 new return lines and it is important to have 2
    -Put concrete decking down around where we replaced the skimmer, as it is important to not let water get in between the decking and coping
    -Will give me 10 year warranty on the concrete, 7 year on the plaster but should last for 20.

    Company B says I can pick and choose, even only patching the tile:
    -Coping is just fine, and they will reset it
    -Replace waterline tile
    -Re-plaster is not necessary, so it is optional. They gave me options for marcite or quartz/pebble (Wet Edge)
    -Seal between concrete decking and coping
    -Only 1 return line is needed, and they will install it right where I put the new one last summer
    -Concrete decking around skimmer is not necessary
    -Did not mention warranty

    Any opinions on coping and plaster condition based on the pictures, would be greatly appreciated. Also, is it necessary to have the 2 return lines for proper water balance and filtration? Will this help improve the life of the plaster? Company A says the decking on top of the skimmer is just as important as sealing the decking-coping gap - to prevent water penetration. Company B says they have some pools where there is no decking - just grass up to the pool so this is not that important. Although I am not too worried about this - not too hard to put decking around the skimmer - I just liked the idea of easy access if leaks down the road.
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    Re: Gunite pool renovation

    I live in California so I don't have hard freezes and can choose from probably 15 PB to do a renovation. My opinions:

    1. Returns You only need one return. More is better. More returns give you better circulation and reduce low circulation areas. If spending money to put in one return its probably best from a cost standpoint to put in two.

    2. Plaster. Hard to tell from the pics

    3. Cracks You need to clean up the tile waterline situation. That is just inviting winter damage. You need to re caulk the coping -- pool joint. PB 1 proposal eliminates this problem

    4. Coping I would have my doubts you can successfully remove all that coping and replace it and have it look great.

    5. You don't have to pour deck around the skimmer. If you do run a control line or expansion joint into it to account for the different thermal property's of the to components.

    One PB wants to do a serious rebuild that will cost a lot but you end up with a almost like new product. You would not have these problems for years. If done correctly his proposal will cut your maintenance for years to come. PB 2 on the other hand will require you to monitor and maintain components that PB 1 either eliminated or did a long term renovation.
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