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Thread: new liner, new water, new test kit

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    new liner, new water, new test kit

    Well, the new liner is in, the pool is full and I did my first test tonight. FYI, received the test kit today and couldn't wait to test the water. I usually go to the pool store, but I am resisting. My water is sparkling clear...but
    These are my results:
    FC 1.5
    CC 3.5
    Alkalinity 40
    CYA 20

    So I entered my results into the pool math calculator and first added 121 oz of 8.25% bleach. Hopefully, my testing was accurate.

    When do I add the washing soda, baking soda and stabilizer? The recommended amounts were washing soda 19 oz, 259 oz baking soda and 61 oz stabilizer.
    Does it matter the order or timing?

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    Re: new liner, new water, new test kit

    Welcome to the forum. Your post shows that your testing is good but your understanding of the results is not.

    A cc = 3.5ppm indicates the need to SLAM the pool.

    Before you can do that, you have to gain a better understanding by reading "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" up in Pool School.

    Once you have a good grasp of the chemistry, you will be ready to SLAM the pool. Both reading the "ABC's" and the SLAM article should have you asking some questions about how this works and we'll walk you through it ojne step at a time.


    1. Don't add ANY chemistry except a gallon or so of bleach each day while you are reading.

    2. Your results are incomplete. We need to know pH and CH before you proceed with your changes.
    Dave S.
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    Re: new liner, new water, new test kit

    Welcome to the forum

    +1, what he said.

    Pool School has a tab in the upper right of this page. Once there look under "Table of Contents" on the left and browse through some of the articles.
    You need to read how to SLAM your pool.
    With that CC level being so high we are concerned you are close to turning green which is why the recommendation to SLAM and get it below .5, then it's a matter of maintaining the proper FC level for your stabilizer/CYA as outlined in the Chlorine/CYA chart -->

    You can also read a couple threads about "green" pools so you can get an idea what going through a SLAM is like.
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