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Thread: Everytime I shock the pool is cloudy for days

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    Everytime I shock the pool is cloudy for days

    Just switched from cooper ionizer to chlorine and when I shock the pool its cloudy for days anyone every see this. The pool store cant seem to grasp this and is no help. Chemistry is always with in range every time I go have been checking it every 3 days to ensure that it wasn't a chemistry issue.

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    Re: Everytime I shock the pool is cloudy for days

    Welcome to TFP!

    Please post a full set of water test results. My guess is calcium clouding, but without water test results there is no telling.
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    Re: Everytime I shock the pool is cloudy for days

    What kind of chlorine are you using?
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    Re: Everytime I shock the pool is cloudy for days

    Jason is correct, without test results anything anyone said would be a guess. And you don't want to treat your water based on a guess.

    I can say if you maintain your pool utilizing the methods taught here shocking your pool will be a thing of the past. So will expensive visits to the pool store.

    To follow the pool care methods taught here you need to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to care for your pool.

    The knowledge is condensed in the Pool School link at the top of every page. It is a great community here, but we do ask that you read and try to understand the information being taught. We want you to learn what is going on in your pool and control the situation. Questions are always welcome and folks will try to direct you and teach you the methods.

    The tools are not limited to the brushes, vacuum hoses and other stuff you use around the pool, but include the most important item - one of the recommended test kits. You can buy a kit at a pool store, but again the pool store kits generally won't cut it. To effectively practice the TFPC methods, the FAS/DPD chlorine test is essential. All these kits contain that test while very few other kits do. Think of it this way, do you see a doctor blindly prescribing drugs without seeing the patient or having tests run? Here at TFP we are going to ask for photos so we can see the condition of the water and are going to ask for a full set of test results.

    So, welcome to TFP!!
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    Re: Everytime I shock the pool is cloudy for days

    Hey - I know a Frank in Durham. Are you near Durham Academy's Upper School?
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    Re: Everytime I shock the pool is cloudy for days


    Get a proper test kit and commit to a couple minutes a day and you will enjoy the clearest water you've ever had and you may never need to "shock" the pool again.

    I suspect you've been using Calcium Hypochlorite "shock" powder, which is why it gets cloudy. Bleach won't do that.
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