I would like feedback from any pool owners re:cost of pool, price to maintain, time to maintain, problems with any type of pool(gunite staining, how often you acid wash, fiberglass cracking or pool being installed not level, vinyl liner tearing or leaking, or rusted walls). I had an above ground vinyl liner pool that was partially inground with a wooden deck. In 2008 whe Hurricane Ike blew the liner out, we noticed a huge rust spot on the wall. Its surprising that the pool hadn't already collapsed. We opted to take it down. Now that grandkids are older, we are considering a new pool but uncertain which direction to go-fiberglass, gunite or vinyl. I would prefer something that has a deep area at least 5 ft.

I am in the Houston, Tx area, so the hot summers can make keeping the water balance an issue. I would like to keep costs reasonable and want something that doesn't require alot of time to maintain. Any suggestions will be helpful.