We have an older hot tub that has a vulcan heater on it with a timer similar to a Diehl 24hr timer. We can not find a manual for it which its a regal by nemco so we are reaching out for help. We just recently had the thermostat fixed and because it would not heat past 85 brought it home and hooray it was heating to 100 but here's where the problem begins. Our heater has a dial on the thermostat that says low, med, high and no heat but we don't understand how the control panel works with the temp if its controlled by the dial. When we turn on the jets and air the heater stops heating and has to be reset every time. And lastly now we set the timer and the hot tub will do nothing even when we remove the timer markings. It's getting power but the pump will not come on at all. It's terribly hard to understand and to explain but we can't afford a new tub so we are doing the best to to fix this one but can find NOTHING online about this model or how to work it.PLEASE HELP