Hi there,

Just wondering if there is any way to compare pool brands. I've been trying to Google two brands that we're considering, but it's incredibly hard to compare.

It's a toss up between an 18x33 Yukon Resin Hybrid (with Buttress) and an 18x33 Azure Liberty Resin Hybrid (Buttress free). They are basically the same price. I realize buttress free is usually more expensive, so that's perhaps a perk right there, but my bf does have some reservations. He feels one with buttress straps is more stable, and since we'll be putting decking around it, it won't be seen anyway.

There's only one pool left of the Azure Liberty, and it's available to us so long as we're the first ones there to get it. With regards to the Yukon, I have no idea since the retailer seems to have terrible customer service (they were supposed to contact us Wednesday after someone had been to our property to check the site Tuesday night, and we haven't heard from them since). I'm not sure if they have pools on hand or if we'd have to wait for them to order one.

What we'd really like to know, though, is whether or not one pool is of better quality than the other. Can anyone direct me to a website where you can read reviews on brands? Or perhaps some of the users here have one, or know of someone who has one, and can share their perspective.

Any information is much appreciated! Thanks!