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Thread: Here we go again!

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    Here we go again!

    As many of the more established folks here know, I've been making a few modifications to my pool plumbing system, using bits and pieces of Intex equipment, and PVC pipe and fittings.

    Here is the latest installment in this ongoing saga.

    A word of caution is in order here. I have (to some people) an unhealthy tendency to use what I have on hand to accomplish my goals. Not everything looks perfect, but what I build is functional.

    Installed this Hydrotools skimmer at the beginning of the season. Quick easy install, and works quite well. I cheaped out, should have paid the extra for the Hayward SP1091LX. Too many of the parts on the Hydrotools are not quite up to par.

    Added a dedicated vacuum port. Got tired of having problems with the vacuum plate adapter that came with the skimmer. This works so much better! No loss of suction due to ill fitting adapter plate.

    Modified the Intex pump to accept 2" electrical conduit adapter. Slight remolding of the threads with a 2" straight thread fitting, since the 2" threads are only a slight bit different than the 50mm threads on the pump. Lots of THP pipe dope seals it up nicely.

    The pump outlet is just a tiny bit larger than the inside of 1-1/2" sch 40 PVC, so a bit of clear epoxy and some tapping with a dead-blow hammer, and now the outlet is 1-1/2" PVC.

    I've made a new canister for stacked Unicel C-5315 filter elements. The Intex canister is too large diameter to use 6" PVC on, and since I've never seen 7" PVC, I used 8". I cut several rings from the original length of pipe I bartered some concrete labor for, and cut a slice out of them to fit inside the section of pipe I was using. Glued them in, and filled the gaps with epoxy. This is the first of two that I am working on. I will be adding the second in parallel with this one, for a total of 60 sq ft of filter area. If anyone else decides to do this, Unicel makes a larger filter element (C-5330) that is compatible with the ends and diameter with the C-5315. Using that one doubled like this will give you 60 sq ft in only one canister. It will be taller, but does that matter?

    The inlet to the filter is the same as on the pump, so was given the same treatment. The outlet is slightly smaller than the inside of 1-1/2" sdr 26 PVC, so was fitted with that and thick epoxy, after roughing up the surfaces of both.

    The hoses will be gone when I get the second canister finished, and hard plumbed into the system. For now, I've made adapters to use them on the current unfinished system. I'll have another union between the pump and filters, for winter storage.

    I'm needing to lower my TA, having it climb from too much water replacement. Our fill water here is ~240 TA. Between the dogs, splashout, and me draining the plumbing to make my mods, I've had to fill several times a month.

    Here is the cheapest bubbler I can make. A simple 1-1/2" to 1" PVC adapter, a threaded street to slip elbow, a couple of short pieces of 1" PVC, and an elbow. You can see on the clamp the eyeball that normally goes into the return fitting.

    A better spray fountain. Just a longer section of PVC to bring it up some, and a drilled, capped section.

    Same thing, different angle.

    Stay tuned for more modding/hacking goodness!
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    Re: Here we go again!

    "A word of caution is in order here. I have (to some people) an unhealthy tendency to use what I have on hand to accomplish my goals. Not everything looks perfect, but what I build is functional."

    As Red Green would say:
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    Re: Here we go again!

    Modding is good fun. Dang I liked that show! Handy Man Secret Weapon............
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