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Thread: Cloudy water and wont hold chlorine

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    Cloudy water and wont hold chlorine

    We have and 24' ag pool that we put up 3 years ago and have had nothing but trouble keeping the water clear. This year we replaced the liner, filled it up and it had nice clear water. Shocked it (with shock I had left over from last year and kept inside) and it went cloudy. We have added 2.5 cases of shock and it STILL wont hold chlorine. The pool company sold us flocculant and we used as directed and pool water was almost clear, started adding shock again and it went back to being cloudy and still wont hold chlorine. Tired of spending money and getting NO RESULTS. PLEASE HELP!

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    Re: Cloudy water and wont hold chlorine

    Step one stop adding shock
    Step one.5, go read pool school
    Step two, go buy a GOOD test kit
    Step three, get all your levels in check including CYA ( protects your chlorine )
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    Re: Cloudy water and wont hold chlorine

    Welcome to TFP!

    Please post an accurate set of full test results. Chances are your CYA is out of range due to using tablets and/or shock products and your chlorine is no longer effective.
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    Re: Cloudy water and wont hold chlorine

    Soley based on what you've written, it sounds like you have no CYA (chlorine stabilizer) in the pool, are using Cal-Hypo to shock the pool, and you may have excessively hard water. The use of Cal-Hypo in combination with excessively hard water may be what's causing the cloudiness (experts, please correct me if I'm wrong). If your pool gets a lot of sun, whatever chlorine you're pouring will be eaten up by the sun VERY quickly without any CYA.

    What are you using to test your pool chemistry? It's pretty much impossible to succeed w/o a quality test kit.
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