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Thread: No Chlorine Reading! Please help!

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    No Chlorine Reading! Please help!

    Hi everyone. I have owned a pool for 3 years now and never had this problem. My pool will not hold chlorine. I use bleach as my chlorine source. Here are my specs:

    Ph: 7.8
    TA: 80
    CYA: 60
    CH: 210
    FC: 0
    CC: 0
    Phosphates: 1000 ppb

    So far, I have added 968oz of 7.6% available Clorox Concentrated Regular Bleach at once through the skimmer at 9PM. It brought my levels up above 5ppm (my kit does not read higher than that). I woke the next morning, around 7AM, and still had above a 5PPM (again, my test kit does not read higher than that), and then by later afternoon, the chlorine levels registered at 1.5PPM! By the next day, all gone and back down to 0. (This was 1 week ago)

    Tonight at 9PM, I added 1,452oz of 7.6% available Clorox Concentrated Regular Bleach through the skimmer. I have a good feeling that by evening tomorrow, my chlorine will read 0 again.

    Pool water is only very slightly cloudy, but blue.

    We haven't used any pucks in the floaters because of our high CYA levels.

    Any help you can offer?

    Plaster pool, In ground, 18000 gallons, PentAir FNS Plus 48 SQ Ft DE Filter, and a Pentair 3/4 Whisperflo Pump.
    Plaster, In Ground, 18000 Gallons. Pentair DE Filter (pentair fns plus de 48 sq ft filter), and a Pentair 3/4 HP Whisperflo Pump

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    Re: No Chlorine Reading! Please help!

    Welcome to TFP!

    You probably have something in your water using up all that chlorine, like algae. Water doesn't have to be green for it to be present.

    You will need to SLAM your pool --

    In order to do a proper SLAM, you will need one of the recommended test kits --

    You can get one from

    While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, please read and

    We can help you bring your pool back!
    15'x48" 4500 gallon Intex pool, buried 1.5 ft. Pac-Fab Dynamo 3/4 hp pump. Hayward S180T sand filter, bought used. Taylor K-2006 test kit. Rocket mass heater based wood fired pool heater.

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    Re: No Chlorine Reading! Please help!

    You should invest in a more reliable test kit like the TF100 (link in my signature).

    Also read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry to better understand your pool water chemistry.

    Welcome to TFP!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: No Chlorine Reading! Please help!

    Welcome to TFP

    Along with others, I suggest you order a recommended test kit and SLAM the pool. But, I also suggest you get he XL option and the Speed Stir. Having a plaster pool, you will be needing to test CH more often and that is a lotta hand swirling without the Speed Stir! The fav kit around here is the TF100. Link in my sig.

    Once you get through the SLAM process, we will show/teach you how to easily maintain FC levels based on CYA level. Then you will have smooth sailing
    TFP Moderator TF100 Test Kit TF100 TestKit YouTube Channel PoolMath
    You're done SLAMing when:
    1)You lose 1ppm or less FC overnight, & 2)You have .5ppm CC's or less, & 3)your water is clear.

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