I will try to give the details as best I can thanks for trying to help. (almost 3 year old Intellitouch i9plus 3 control)

My pool man informed me that my intelliclor i40 needed replacement, the center fin had basically rusted out and it was not functioning. So I bought a new one and installed it. 2 weeks later when he came to the house we determined that the compool actuator on the return valve was defective. we switched the intake and return connectors at the board and determined that when we switched the toggle the intake valve moved from the return position on the board. Thus the actuator needed replaced.

I bought a Hayward GVA 24 to replace it and after fishing the new lead in , plugged it in and nothing.

Now the breaker on the low voltage circuit (24v) trips

With this information can anyone assist with where to look to resolve this problem.