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Thread: mustard algae???

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    mustard algae???

    hey guys need a little help. I believe I may have a case of mustard algae... about a week or 2 ago I was having some trouble keeping chlorine in the pool. was trying to adjust my CYA level because it was sunny and hot. did ONCL test and ended up slamming the pool. Chlorine loss problem cleared up nicely and everything was great. Saturday I vacuumed out the pool and it was spotless. The next day I had what appears to be more dirt on the bottom. thought I had stirred up the dirt and it had just settled out so I vacuumed it out again. the next day I had more. checked my filter by adding a little DE to it while looking for it to blow back into the pool but none came out the return so it looks good I also cleaned my solar cover the best I can to make sure there was no dirt getting in that way. Tonight it looks like someone sprinkled a whole bunch of dirt in the pool. Solar cover has been on and nobody has been in the pool for 2 days now because it has been cloudy and raining. what's confusing me is when I added chlorine last night I tested and the FC level 7 PPM and CC at 0 ppm 24 hours later FC is 6PPM and CC is still 0 PPM. my CYA was at 45 the other day may be slightly lower due to rain. I am thinking I have a case of mustard algae that I didn't get when I slammed last time but if I do have mustard algae wouldn't it be eating chlorine like crazy? Is that possible? My chlorine loss of 1 PPM over 24 hours would suggest that there is nothing organic living in the water. the water still looks fairly clear but there is a bunch of **** on the bottom that look like dirt but appears to be multiplying.
    FC 6.0 PPM
    CC 0 PPM
    CYA about 45
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    Re: mustard algae???

    Mustard Algae likes to hang on the walls of the shady part of the pool. How do your walls look and feel?

    If you do have Mustard Algae, holding your FC at Mustard for 24 hours is the way to kill it and then make sure you always keep your FC in range. If you're going to go with the Mustard Algae shock, I would suggest throwing all the toys, nets, sweeper hose and sweeper and such in the pool so it can be cleaned too.

    Mustard Algae
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    Re: mustard algae???

    The dirt seems to be mostly on the bottom and it started accumulating in the shady areas. But since the cover has been on for 2 days the **** is pretty much all over. Not sure if the walls are slimy I did not see anything on the walls when I looked at it this evening.
    14000 gal AG vinyl liner. 150lb Hayward sand filter 1hp 2 speed pump.

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    Re: mustard algae???

    Well started the process. Had it up to 29.5 ppm last night at about 9pm. 6:15 am I was down to 24ppm. Clearly there is still something living in there. turns out my shot at killing mustard algae is really the first round of the slam process. Off to the store to stock up on some bleach. Hopefully it will go quickly and the kiddos can get back to swimming soon! Thanks for all the help I get when I post here. It is appreciated
    14000 gal AG vinyl liner. 150lb Hayward sand filter 1hp 2 speed pump.

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